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Launch Robodash on ProductHunt

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There are some insightful articles about how to launch on Product Hunt on Medium and I would definitely recommend this blog post by the team behind Station, 5th most upvoted product ever: Do yourself a favor, nail your Product Hunt launch
@a1iusman It's an app to create dashboards that monitor your apps. Most notably it tracks background jobs and notifies you when something is wrong.
@bramjetten Love it, Definitely will give it a try
@a1iusman @bramjetten It looks really cool! When do you plan to launch?
@a1iusman @bramjetten @satwaya just a couple more todos, aiming for next week. If you want you can sign up and use it already :)
@a1iusman @bramjetten @satwaya Awesome! I'm signing up now :) Please ping us when you launch on Product Hunt! 🙏