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Find a domain name for the simple upvoting system I'm building in Bubble

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@boaticus upvoting system? Would love to hear more about this project.
@abadesi this is a polling app to allow three things, really. The first is just a simple system for people to vote on their favorite "things" (without logging in being required) among a list of things. Simple upvote to the left of each thing in the list. Count can be shown or hidden. Vote style can be up/down arrows, up/dn thumbs, or smiley/sad emojis. The second is similar to the first, but a different UI. This one will be a gallery, and will work hot-or-not style. You see a "thing" (text, image, or image + text) and vote thumbs up or thumbs down. Count can be shown or hidden. Vote style can be either thumbs up/down, yes or no, smiley/sad emojis, or true or false. In both cases, the poll organizer can enable an option where a user can suggest a new item if they don't see one that matches what they had in mind. If they add an option, it will be added to the list so other users can vote on it as well. The last is like the first two, but with a third voting option thrown in. For anyone who votes yes/positive/up the thing, they will be shown a message to vote with their wallet and pay. For example, on that vote with your wallet notion, imagine you were running a tshirt competition. You have a list of shirts designs. Users can see them in a list, or in the gallery/hot-or-not view. As they see a design, they can answer "yeah I like this" or, "no I don't like this." for anyone that answers "yes I like this" the UI immediately shows them one more question "Yeah, I'd buy this." If the shirt design is a pre-sale, then their payment of $X (configurable) is simply a pre-order of the design. On the backend, if the poll organizer doesn't see enough people voting yes on something, or not enough also voting with their wallets, they can cancel the item and refund the money. Eventually, I presume that third option will be part of a premium tier, which would also include features like webhooks, white label, the ability to moderate user-submitted poll choices, and being iframe embeddable on someone's site. The first two would be part of the free plan. This polling system will be super configurable. The idea is to make something simple and useful to help makers validate ideas they have. But to validate ideas, the maker shouldn't need to first build a voting system.
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@boaticus this sounds really compelling -- could be a fun way to test ideas, get feedback on designs or whatever... what's your timeline for getting a beta out in the world?
@boaticus happy to try out with stuff I'm working on for Makers if that helps :)