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Stop dropping out of the low carb lifestyle : resist the baguettes! Edit: I dropped out again :cryingemoji:

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@syswarren Thanks! I'm gonna need it
@awandiaye_ haha "resist the baguettes" is hard 😂
@mrcalexandre so hard that I've been failing !
@awandiaye_ I've eaten a low carb diet for over a decade. My hack: eat tons of lettuce and spinach. You can consume a large volume of filling food while keeping caloric intake in check.
@rrhoover I've tried your advice last night but switched the spinach for cucumbers. Worked great! Thanks!
@awandiaye_ It's so damn hard, I'm doing the same lately. Sometimes I can't resist and go for half a baguette 😳
@antoineplu Be strong! Have you tried making your own bread without wheat flour?
@awandiaye_ Nope, but that's a good idea actually 👍🏻