Aswin Behera
Aswin Behera@aswin_behera · Student, NITR

Complete making my portfolio site and get it reviewed by enthusiasts.

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@aswin_behera @thepixelgeek created a youtube video on how to make your portfolio site stand out. Highly recommend watching it :) 👇
@thepixelgeek @spectreof Thank You. Am going though it now
@spectreof 6 months back i had seen some videos requiring the projects to be front and center, though as @thepixelgeek said its mostly subjective. My takeaway I guess, I would say is, I will adjust the site according to the employers I will be applying to. :p
@aswin_behera What site are you using for your portfolio? Behance?
@abadesi am using Google Sites. In fact i have made some parts of it here :