Jacob Robinson
Jacob Robinson@astukari · Student @ Arizona State University

Launch Redbubble store

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@astukari Cool! Would love to see what you'll sell :)
@astukari Any more info to share?
@brendonrell Launching the store is a part of my take on the 30DayStartup challenge by NewCo! You can read the progress on it on my blog: https://medium.com/@astukari/30d...
@astukari Ah gotcha, nice! Looking forward to hearing more. I've gone this route (with Merch by Amazon) and struggled with getting eyeballs on the product. Will be interested to see where you take it. Also - I don't think it's cheating at all!
@astukari @brendonrell I'll check that out! I look forward to learning more about how the challenge goes. I know that Ben Tossell is great at what he does (in fact he was even a Community Manager at ProductHunt), so make sure you take in as much as you can from the course.