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morning workout

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@arthur_tkachenko Nice! How is it going so far? I tried to fit in workout in the morning, doesn't work for me. So I moved to evening session like 630pm. Is there any workout app you're using?
@whizzzoe actually right now i'm trying to get on track. and with my strange work/sleep activity - i just workout when i wake up. it can be morning or night. don't use apps few years. but if they will motivate you - you should do it. i just print a month calendar and add "+" when i did it. Soon or later, when i'll have more mental power - i plan to add running sessions and maybe some fun stuff like skating or warming up outside with basketball ball. Another note - i'm doing my workout before eating
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@arthur_tkachenko Yeah, it happens sometimes when we stretched a little bit on work time. I use the same approach as well - has an Excel calendar, add "1" and it adds up by end of month. I have a "Homeworkout" app and I just follow the exercise plan haha. You've a variety of activities which is super awesome! Have a great day :)
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