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Does some one want to hear my "educational" idea? want to chat

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@jed_ng Briefly: I want to build an online "coding school". But instead of learning courses - students will receive real tasks from my main project. I teach coding before and last year I formed a team of interns that helps me to move my project forward. And i decide that this "school" can be a good idea, because a lot of students with tech degree didn't have a real working experience. Thanks for your comment - means a lot for me.
@jed_ng @arthur_tkachenko I'd be interested in working on something like that. I'm working on something kinda similar that I still didn't figure out fully. We can do a call about it.
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@souhailmerroun let's chat here - maybe we'll be able to find more allies
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@souhailmerroun @arthur_tkachenko the painpoint totally resonates. I work a lot with Le Wagon coding school where students are working profesisonals seeking transition to tech careers. As an investor, QN that come to mind: - How will you source 'real tasks' at scale? - How will you make money? - How to overcome the hesitation of real customers? Hard to imagine a serious customer letting inexperienced coders mess around with their beautiful code base - How can you maintain QA on a project?
@souhailmerroun @arthur_tkachenko btw, can I ask for a upvote and comment on "Rakuten RapidAPI 2.0"?
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