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@anna_panchenko hey always love meeting new people. What are you working on?
@anna_panchenko @drew_dunn1 Hey! I'm working to create a preventive health platform. And last 2 days spent a lot of time reviewing different reports on the preventive healthcare service in the US. And how about you?
@anna_panchenko @drew_dunn1 That is awesome. Way to go, seems like a transformative project. I have just finished an app for international authentic recipes, we are getting ready to launch in about two weeks. How about you?
@anna_panchenko @drew_dunn1 Ready for launch? That should be exciting. We're not so close to release. Medical data, GDPR, security, legal tasks require a lot of time. But we're working hard to handle with it as soon as possible.
@anna_panchenko @drew_dunn1 That is great. Well keep me posted, I love learning about new projects.