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@angelo_libero_mangieri Is there any specific reason for finding a hunter?
@sudarsangp Yes, need some help with the launch of, right now is in prelaunching and in a month I would like to official post it :)
@angelo_libero_mangieri Good luck with the launch :)
@angelo_libero_mangieri you don't need a hunter. Just post your project with good materials.
@vladkorobov Thanks for your feedback! I read some articles about posting on PH with a Hunter. The right hunter can boost you launch , they said. Can you tell me more about you past launches with or without hunter and what you learned :)
@angelo_libero_mangieri I don't think now it will bring a lot of +++. Yes upvotes from the older members bring you up faster, but 1 upvote from super user will not guarantee overall success.