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🔹Follow at least 5 women in tech on Twitter

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@angeliquesocial let me know if you want some badass recommendations :)
@grlalx please do! I I followed 2 women in tech today and would love more recommendations :)
@angeliquesocial I need to add more recent twitter follows to this but -- this should get ya started :)
@grlalx thanks a lot! I’m looking to connect with more women in Tech, but I’m always interested in lady bosses 💪in different areas
@angeliquesocial I can definitely connect you with a few specific ones :) will DM
@angeliquesocial Here are 5 that spring to mind, at least half of my following is female so happy to share more: @ArlanWasHere @TZhongg @jesslynnrose @EileenTso @mbrianaepler 🌟
@abadesi thanks a lot! I’ll check them out👍👍👍
@angeliquesocial I recommend you check out . She does artwork for Google now and she is the maker of the Women in Tech stickers. She's also a good friend and a stellar human being!
@authenticeddie thanks for your recommendation :D. I followed her.
#update Followed some more women on Twitter thanks to @grlax, @abadesi and @authenticeddie. Great community!
@grlax @authenticeddie @angeliquesocial Yay glad the suggestions were helpful 💖