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@andrewpierno hey! How did you build such a big subscriber list? And did it cost you a lot of money?
@lewis_kang_ethe It took six months blogging multiple times a week, hopping in threads on reddit, here, and indie hackers. It was a grind the entire way. I did a marketing test with $300 and it was useless (some of it was that the messaging wasn't quite right yet). Wish I had a quick and easy solution for you.
@andrewpierno Wow... sounds like it used a lot of resources. Personally I've built a 76 subscriber list within 48 hours. It cost me only $20/yr. I focused on using one channel because I already build my buyer persona. Also, created an incentive that's not yet tangible which acted as a hook. For the messaging, I have found that if you get just one potential customer/user and you co-design the message, it goes a long way.
@lewis_kang_ethe Either you have a very compelling offer or I'm doing something very wrong haha. It's taken me forever to get any kind of momentum. What outlets/channels did you use to get your subscribers?
@andrewpierno haha.. tried different experiments. Some worked, some didn't. Again, if you know your target audience, it will reduce chances of having a failed experiment. I simply went on to build an email list of people I know because they fit the profile, and sent them the email. So my channel was email and WhatsApp. Though WhatsApp didn't convert as expected. Hope that helps.
@lewis_kang_ethe Thanks for the tips! I haven't tried WhatsApp all, I'll have to explore some other channels than the ones I've been using.