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Find and enroll in a typography course

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@aleks_muse This sounds like fun and begs the question - fave fonts at the moment? I love Brandon Grotesque and Poppins, both are sans serif. When it comes to serif fonts I go old school like Garamond or even Times New Roman for nostalgia. ✍️
@abadesi If you're into type, have a look at :)
@abadesi I like clean and minimalistic fonts, so something like Poppins :) But have no all-time favorite, love exploring new fonts though!
@abadesi @noemistauffer Interesting, just subscribed! 🙌🏻
@abadesi @aleks_muse Awesome, let me know what you think of it! 🙌🏽
@noemistauffer Clever little idea, just subscribed - any particular fonts you're loving at the mo?
@aleks_muse Let me know which one you go for! I'm also interested in taking one (I was thinking the one of Typewolf, but it's $$)
@noemistauffer oh I found a good one but it is in Russian (not sure it is useful for you 😄)
@aleks_muse Oh great! But yeah, haha, I don't speak Russian – altough I would love to, the Cyrillic alphabet is so pretty 👌🏽
@noemistauffer Really? I never thought of that 🤔
@noemistauffer I will start with a course on Coursera, which is pretty short (4 weeks) and affordable ($49)
@aleks_muse Nice!! Which one is it?
@aleks_muse Did you find any good ones?? I've been looking for one too!
@marianoavila I just started but hope it is a good one! And I've made a short list of courses if you are looking for one.
@aleks_muse were you able to find one? I want to learn more typography as well!
@mahad_aamir I've found a few good one, but start with Coursera course. I've made a short list of courses for beginners.