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Set up Squarespace landing page for Tea project

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@aleks_muse Let me know if you want feedback on it ;)
@noemistauffer Yes! I hope to finish it this week and would share. 😇 Are you a tea lover in any case?
@aleks_muse Tea enthusiast but mostly an indie coffee lover hehe
@irosenb Are you a tea lover by any chance? 😇
@aleks_muse I love tea! What's your favorite kind of tea?
@aleks_muse I love tea! I only drink tea and don't drink coffee actually. What's the project about exactly?
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@anthilemoon I was thinking about creating a subscription service close to what Blue Bottle does with coffee, but with high-quality loose leaf teas. The landing page will be ready soon. I would appreciate any feedback. 😊
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@aleks_muse Amazing! There are quite a few of these out there, and they are doing great - can't wait to see what twist you put on yours. And yes, of course happy to share feedback once the landing page is ready!