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Read one book a week [week 1]

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@aleks_muse What book are you starting with?
@mahad_aamir This week was 'The Goldfinch' by Donna Tartt which I totally recommend!
@aleks_muse What were 2 things you learned from the book? Let's see if its worth the read 🤔
@mahad_aamir I would say this book is a masterpiece and I can hardly distill only two things from it. It really reminded me 'The Crime and Punishment' in some sense. I would say this book is well worth it's Pulitzer Prize. 🙂 On a note: the book can hardly be read in one week, but I took last week to finish it :)
@mahad_aamir @aleks_muse I love the Goldfinch, can't wait until it's made into a film one day.
@aleks_muse Fiction, non-fiction?
@syswarren Fiction this week (I honestly love fiction more). What are your reading habits?
@aleks_muse Congrats! What book did you finish? Do you read physical books, use an e-reader or audio versions? I'm aiming to read at least one non-fiction and one fiction each month for the year, so far in 2018 I've done 8 non-fiction (6 of which were Maya Angelou's autobiography series which I literally devoured on Kindle) and 1 fiction, paperback of Shadow of the Wind 🌬
@abadesi This week was 'The Goldfinch' by Donna Tartt and I read it on Kindle. I read 1 book per month in paper or Kindle and one on Audible (I would read everything in paper if I could though). All fiction books I read in paper/Kindle, most business books are on Audible. Though for May and June I plan 4 books per months as I have more free time now. And 'Shadow of the Wind' looks super interesting! I just checked it on Amazon and bought a Kindle version. 🌟Thank you for recommending. 🙏 And I love Maya Angelou's poems, haven't heard of her autobiography series. How did you like it?
@aleks_muse OMG we're so similar, with reading fiction Kindle and listening to non-fiction on Audible 😄 I cannot recommend Maya Angelou's autobiographies enough... she writes so beautifully its like reading a novel except her life is full of adventure, she befriends the likes of Martin Luther King and James Baldwin and describes emotions and relationships so well. I felt so connected to to her even though we're worlds apart.
@abadesi Oh I should add it to my reading list now. 😻Thank you for a wonderful recommendation. 😊