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Need feedback: Early-stage Blog (

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@adithvictor some quick feedback! 1. The header title and tagline is a bit small and difficult to read with the bright colors. In general the blue background is a bit hard on the eyes. 2. News, Twitter, Contact buttons are distracting and shouldn't be a focus imo 3. I'd make the title of the posts also clickable 4. For each post, it's easier to read if left-aligned
@rrhoover thanks for the feedback :) I've made changes to the website. All your suggestions made sense. Thanks xD
@adithvictor Hey Adith, my first reaction was that background color is too bright, especially since i went from PH page which has a white background. Personally i highlight a text as yellow, as a warning either for me to revisit later or for others to focus their review on yellow highlighted text. For me Yellow is a color i relate with warnings. It could be just me though. To me News sections is as important as Latest Stories section, but News is small button at the top, and so its not coming out as one . Submit one's own product is embedded in News section which i feel can be in the landing page. Also "Submit" buttons are usually below a form etc. but your "Submit" button is actually opening a form. Has a potential to be renamed for e.g. "Submit your product" or something which tells a user that they should expect a form on clicking. Hope this helps Good luck
@prashantbuddy thank you for the suggestions! I have made changes to the blog and will change certain sections of the news website soon :)