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Find a technical partner/advisor

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@adamwintle Hey, what do you need an advisor for ? If it's not too technical for me, I would like to know.
@shivam_singhania Looking for a technical partner who can actually help me plan the product, not just code it. Someone who can help with technology planning and not just a one-off collaboration. Essentially someone I could foresee working with through thick and thin as I build a tech startup. Let me know if that's something you can you help with :)
@adamwintle I am not a professional yet, just a student. I think I have strong problem solving skills and I am good at thinking. I keep finding myself solving people's problems and giving advice. I want to discover how good I am at this and if this could be a big part in my career going forward. If you can share details about your product, I would know better. Let me know if you want to talk about this, you can DM me here or on twitter. I often surprise myself and those around me, give me shot.