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Find someone to hunt my new little app

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@abcdannye what's the app about?
@abcdannye how are you trying to find that someone? :). Maybe post your link here and someone might hunt it wink wink :)
@abcdannye You can hunt yourself too :)
tbh I really wrote this for myself, but figured I might not be the only one sick and tired of calls from my same area code and prefix https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/...
@abcdannye I think truecaller does the same. isn't it?
@prem ya but it does a whole lot more, i wanted something elegant that solved one thing really well :)
@abcdannye Have you hunted it yet? If not let me know I'll be happy to
@abadesi aw that would be great Thank you!!
@abcdannye Good luck with your launch Danny! :)