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Encourage my product users to add contacts.

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@abathla Sounds like a progress! What're your favorite strategy to optimize this? (i.e. email marketing, gamification, push notification, etc.?) Would love to hear from your experience 😃
@whizzzoe Thanks for responding Zoe. Did you check out what we are building?
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@abathla Yup, checking out this cool product - a messaging app
@whizzzoe Thanks. Well, I don't want to bet on one technique. I think the best way would be to speak with existing users and ask them what stops them from adding new contacts. I believe it is just the 'new app inertia', or fear of unknown. Just taking an educated guess 😃
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Oh by the way, there's no mobile app yet, just a responsive web app.
@abathla Gotcha. An user-centric approach and continual experimentation right? Thanks for taking the time for sharing, appreciate it :)