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Launch a Product on PH in 4 months

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Looking forward to it! FYI There are some insightful articles about how to launch on Product Hunt on Medium and I would definitely recommend this story by the team behind Station, 5th most upvoted product ever: Do yourself a favor, nail your Product Hunt launch. Let me know if you need any help!
@aazar_ali_shad What are you planning to launch?
@abadesi that's a secret but this feature looks cool. It does not have a "time reminder" :) How did you guys come up with it? What was the hypothesis and why?
@aazar_ali_shad We built it with ourselves in mind - what do we want to stay productive?
@abadesi amazing! Looks great! hope we can take advantage of this.
@aazar_ali_shad Please don't be shy about sharing suggestions and ideas with us, we always like to hear them.