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Create a landing page for the Social Good Telegram group

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@_danielmeade I'm curious what you're planning to use to create this. We're working on some big updates to our Ship landing pages to provide more flexibility in the coming weeks. cc @kaigradert
@kaigradert @rrhoover Do you mean in terms of tech or in building the user base? If you mean tech, I'm a dev so I was just going to throw a quick page up with a form where people can request to be a part of the group. If the group grows I might have to implement some sort of sign up fee to filter out the spammers and trolls, but for now it'll be open. If you mean user base, I could use some help there, I put up a post on Indie Hackers a while back asking Social Good Makers to introduce their projects. I've emailed each respondent to invite them to the group, but that's all so far.
@kaigradert @_danielmeade I was referring to the tech (i.e. the tools to make it super easy to build an awesome landing page). I'm curious why you prefer to build your own from scratch vs. using something like Squarespace, Carrd, or other tools that take less time and effort.
@kaigradert @rrhoover Maybe it's just a dev thing, but I can design, build, and deploy a landing page I have full customisation over in less than an hour or two, and, should whatever I'm launching grow, the site can easily be built upon. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of out-of-the-box solutions, though I recognise they have a place and for many people they are the right solution.
@_danielmeade sounds cool! is it a group for startups/products that have a good social impact? If so would love to join 😃
@tweeteradel It's exactly that! Come join us, here... https://opengood.co
@_danielmeade Fantastic! Already joined ✊