Next chapter after Knot
November 14th, 2018
Hey guys,
Hope you are all well.
I must FIRST apologize for not keeping you in the loop on Knot (last update was 2 months ago).
Since the last big survey you all heard of, I've spoken to 35 people on the topic of "Could there be a new Linkedin?"
Although they all seem to generally share the same pain regarding Linkedin's UX and the noise, it didn't reveal a pattern of pain (as Hiten Shah calls it) on which a new startup can be built. I realized my heart wasn't in the right place to build a new networking site without a ton of validation and decided to park that idea.
So.. as you'd expect from a startup founder, I went depressed for the next few weeks. Is it just me or you got rusty and restless quickly if you don't wake up and make/ship something?
I figured I should take a simpler path instead. Rather than trying to build the NEXT BIG thing, I wanted to build and ship tiny products that would add value to 10-20 people.
With that aspiration, I taught myself how to do basic coding and built a tool that's close to my heart. It's called "Do Things That Don't Scale" and it helps founders learn the vital early stage lessons from other founders.
It is live on Product Hunt today and currently trending at #1.
Check it out here:
I would love to hear your feedback/comments and also if there any interesting hacks and stories you may have from your own personal journeys.
Thanks for the update KP
@sachinkumar63 Of course. Working on a new idea now, it's called UnDeck.