Eletype Update #4 - Authorization, Slash Commands and Socks 🧦 🙀
August 30th, 2018
Hey everyone,
We wanted to cover 2 items this week: Authorization and Slash Commands
Let’s start with ad account authorization! Not the most interesting topic, but one in which this beta community has been invaluable. There are two main ways Google/Facebook allow authorization for API account access:
Option 1: A user admin adds Eletype as a user to their ad account
Option 2: A user authorizes Eletype to act on behalf of their own user account
While their are pros and cons to both approaches, based on user feedback and a competitive analysis, we are moving from Option 1 to Option 2. This new approach is the one that best meets the needs of our company and our users at this point in time, though that may change in the future, we are cool with it for now. ✅
If you have strong feelings on this, one way or the other, please send comments on this topic directly to me at michael@eletype.com or use “/eletype feedback” from within Slack…. Speaking of slash commands…
Let’s get slashy! As many of you know, you can access direct features in a SlackApp by using a slash command. If you are not Slack-expert, or are over 40, a Slash command acts very much like a DOS command prompt. Here are the commands we currently support:
/eletype help - Will return a help message with a detailed explanation current functionality and commands
/eletype settings - Used to configure and update your company profile
/eletype add - Add a new ad account to a Slack channel for monitoring
/eletype move - Move an ad account to a different Slack channel
/eletype remove - Remove an ad account from monitoring
/eletype list - Lists all ad accounts that we are monitoring
/eletype run - Directly run a scan
/eletype feedback - Form for sending feedback
/eletype demo - Add a "demo" ad account. This is used by the Eletype team for demos, but you can use it too!
Miscellaneous updates
Mute goes live tomorrow, check it out:
Also, we have Slack Socks! 🧦🧦 Special users got Slack Socks and CYA t-shirts last week! 🤩
Want to be a special user? We need your help on a special project.
Next week is our west coast tour, look for updates from TCDisrupt!
And if you are new and haven’t read our first three updates, check them out here:
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Look out SF here we come!
- The Eletype Team