Eletype Update #2 - What is Campaign Monitoring? πŸ€”
August 6th, 2018
Hey everyone,
We have received so much feedback from our beta team over the past few weeks! We are listening to each and everyone of you. We are also moving fast and we wanted to use the update to share product road map plans. In this update we are going to talk about Campaign Monitoring.
What is available now:
We currently support Google AdWords, Facebook, and Instagram marketing campaigns. We are running daily monitors to check thresholds for key marketing metrics.
What are we working on:
This time next week we will be releasing two major new features: Impact Analysis and Mute. Impact Analysis is our ranking and filtering algorithm that will limit the number of problems identified so teams only see the most significant issue affecting their largest campaigns. Mute 🀫 allows a team to well... mute, alerts for 1 day, 1 week, or one month.
And before the Product Hunt launch we will have our first version of Anomaly Detection πŸ•΅οΈ which will look for variations and deviations in key marketing metrics.
What is coming later this year?
We want to hear from you! Current beta users are asking for more channels like Amazon, Pinterest and DFP. We are also hearing interest in Email monitoring, specifically MailChimp πŸ“§ 🐡 Please let us know your feedback!
In our next update we will discuss our second major feature group: Landing Page Health βš•.
Have a great week everybody! And look for another update next week!
And follow us on Twitter if you haven’t already. @eletype
- Mike