Eletype Update #1 - What's coming? 💡
July 25th, 2018
Eletype Update #1 - What’s coming? 🤔
It’s been a busy year so far at Eletype. As many of you know, our beta product went live in May as a Slack App and since then our early adopters have been amazing. Thank you! Your feedback and your patience have been invaluable. 🙏
So how did we get here? After many years building marketing technology and managing marketing teams, we know that your multi-channel strategies are complex and painstakingly aligned, but often the teams and technology that support these strategies are fragmented. Each team uses different tools and dashboards making it difficult to keep your 👀 on the ball . This often leads to wasteful and ineffective marketing campaigns. Too many tools, too much data, too many stats. It's hard to keep track of. We think there is a better way.
We tested an idea with over 100 digital marketing experts and found that teams don’t like logging into dashboards, but they love working within platforms like Slack. We thought, “How can we better get the data from the viewers to the doers?”.
So we set out to create a digital assistant that intelligently connects marketing technology with teams. We decided to take a ‘no-dashboard’ approach to digital marketing monitoring. We are on a mission to bring only the right data to your teams in a medium they love.
What’s coming next?
Well, we are celebrating the end of our beta program by launching on Product Hunt in September.
What can you expect when we launch?
We will have 3 key features available upon launch:
Campaign Monitoring 🔎
Landing Page Monitoring 🕵️
Available as a Slack App 😎
In the upcoming weeks be on the lookout for feature details, FAQ’s and an amazing offer to our subscribers from Product Hunt. 😺
Our goal is to cover your ads, your accounts, and your audiences. It’s CYA via Slack.
Give us a follow on Twitter if you haven’t already @eletype
Check out our blog at: http://www.CoverYourAds.io/
Please contact me directly if I can help.
Thank you for your support,
Landon Bennett
Landon Bennett@landonb32 · Co-founder, Ad Reform & Userfeed.io
Congrats Michael!
Anand Thaker
Anand Thaker@anandthaker
Awesome and looking forward to checking out the new features!