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Martin Bavio — Full Stack Designer
Another jewel made with Meteor.js!
Micah Baldwin — Old Founder. Grey hairs and everything.
I've been using this since it first launched. Great rapid development. It's like GTD for meetings in that you are forced to create an agenda (agenda-less meetings are the devil) and clear post meeting updates. Big thumbs up!
Ryan Hoover — Product Hunt
Have you tried it yet, @mbavio? How does it compare to UberConference (which shares a similarly "super" name)?
Martin Bavio — Full Stack Designer
@rrhoover I've just tried it for a meeting and I have to say that I really love the fact that the interface is 100% real-time so it feels really collaborative to fill meeting notes with a group at the same time.

Regarding UberConference, I think they are complementary tools and no competition, since Meeting Hero focus on meeting agenda, notes & goals and not in the call itself.

Give it a try, it seems like a useful product.
Helen Crozier — technology coach
ahhh this is amazing!!
Tom Coleman — Percolate Studio
I'm glad you like it! Please feel free to ask me whatever, and let us know what else you think.
Joshua Scott — Director of Product @ CyberSponse
I have used both of them. What I think Meeting Hero is best at is focusing the meetings themselves with a structured format. I like the imposed structure of the agenda, decisions to be made, action items, and open issues. The ability to add public / private notes separately is great as well. After the meeting, you can reference anything from the meeting ongoing. I like that open issues can keep everyone aware of visible items that need to be monitored. I like action items being public for all to see.

What I don't like is that there is no search feature in Meeting Hero, though I'm sure they will add that at some point.

Do has less imposed structure on the meeting format. Do focuses around meeting takeaways as opposed to breaking out categories of action items, open issues, decisions. Do makes everything searchable, which is a nice feature for notes. Do also does have agendas. The timeline view and scrolling looks nice, but it's similar to just having a list like Meeting Hero does.

Overall, they're both good tools. I would choose Meeting Hero if you like the structure. Do is better if you want to impose your own meeting structure.
Pedro Fuentes — Director of Engineering, Groupon
I have been using Worklife since March 2015 and it has been a game changer for me and my team. I also love how responsive is the team regarding issues and new features requests.

In my opinion there are still some key functionalities missing:

- To be able to associate different meetings
- To be able to have an overall summary with all the notes, action items, topic agendas for a recurring meeting
Marie Lotode Chandra — Salesforce Consultant
I have been using WorkLife for a few months now and I really like it. I can see that they are constantly making updates. I would love if it would integrate with Task Management apps like Wunderlist.
Martin Bavio — Full Stack Designer
Maybe you could invite @tmeasday in here so he can speak for his own product!
Andrew Torba — CEO, #SpeakFreely
So this looks completely awesome. Love the mobile focus.
Jonno Riekwel — Founder of
I'd like to be able to add more than one Google Calender. Other than that it looks good so far.
Jonno Riekwel — Founder of
I also think that it should be possible to remove an account.
Clark Wimberly — UX Designer
Really, really rad. Using it in meetings already. Helped us stay on track and get out of the room on time (which was greatly appreciated since I'm in Texas and the room had no AC).
Brian Shih — Product, Pocket Gems
I'm also curious how this compares to if anyone has used both of them.
Fernando Parra — Pollenizer
This product is so good that I want to pay for a "PRO" version, whatever that is.
Nicole Yeary — Founder, Ms.Tech
Wishing you could edit meetings created by google calendar.
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