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Matt Galligan — co-founder Circa, SimpleGeo, Socialthing
While some are not a fan that the check-in experience is now in a separate app (Swarm), I'm a fan of the new experience. I've used Foursquare for years now to discover places to go and have never been let down. Foursquare is indispensable for place discovery if you live in a city or travel at all.
Conrad Barrett — Product Manager, ZX Ventures (Ab InBev)
@mg I've always enjoyed foursquare data over yelp rants
Seth Berman — VP of Performance Marketing, Redbubble
@mg Some people swear by Foursquare as a local search app, especially in some international markets. That said, Dennis has made clear he wants it to be an everyday app for people in their home cities.
Seth Berman — VP of Performance Marketing, Redbubble
@conradd Agreed, but "Expertise" smells a lot like "Elite" to me.
Sachin Agarwal — Founder, Braid
@mg Foursquare really shines internationally. I still way prefer Yelp domestically. Sad that both have neglected their desktop web experience, though.
@sachinag I'm just sad they removed your total check-in count from the web experience. :(
Dennis Crowley — Co-Founder, Foursquare
@sbermo Nah, we worked really hard to make sure you had to *earn* Expertise... a combination of the tips you leave and the engagement you receive on them. We're really exited about it.
Seth Berman — VP of Performance Marketing, Redbubble
@dens That's clear. To be fair, writing thousands of reviews is earning it too, and Yelp's play is volume of reviews with as much coverage as possible. It doesn't mean all Elite reviews are necessarily useful, but many hours go into them to become Elite, and that's what Yelp is rewarding. I get what Foursquare is doing is different, because you want to recommend the right places rather than provide information about every place.
Ryan Hoover — Product Hunt
TBH, I joined the Foursquare bandwagon when it first launched but stopped using it shortly afterward. But more recently I visited NYC and found it to be the best way to search for coffee shops and restaurants nearby, far better than Yelp in that city.
Phil Toronto — Vayner Capital
@rrhoover you should check out my lists for your next visit ;)
Seth Berman — VP of Performance Marketing, Redbubble
@rrhoover I agree that Yelp is best used when you are looking for somewhere you already know about. My primary Yelp use cases are (1) looking up an address of a known place and (2) bookmarking a bunch of places I found on Heatmaps in a city I'm visiting for easy reference getting there later.
Ryan Hoover — Product Hunt
@philtoronto you've proven to be a good picker already. Will do!
Dennis Crowley — Co-Founder, Foursquare
@rrhoover Hey thx! We've been hearing this from people ("Foursquare search is so much better than Yelp!") for 2+ years... the problem has been that in the old app, many people didn't even know you could use 4SQ for search since checkin was so front and center. Glad we finally fixed that.
Joe Anderson — Design @Realm
@dens there might still be more you can do with affordance in the labels/around search, yelp uses a lot of real estate to almost suggest what to kind of search near where. I might do something like change the label to "Search for food, drinks, etc" and change it based on the context of the day / location. As well as potentially micro text underneath. Something to explore!
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