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Kirk Fletcher — Technical Director - SwiftSocial.com
Formerly named Tweet Rocket, we were hunted almost a year ago by @charlieirish when Version 1.0 of Tweet Rocket, our in house twitter management service was in it’s infant stages.

What a difference a year makes…

After successfully funding our future vision of Tweet Rocket on Indiegogo ( https://www.indiegogo.com/projec... ), getting overfunded with $24,232 we were able to dedicate development time solely to building the platform that all of our users requested. We were able to address all of the concerns that our original product hunt reviewers had come up with including, most importantly the implementation of oAuth. We have launched now with a whole host of new features including:

* New cheaper pricing
* Powerful user dashboard
* Likes and Retweet Suggestions based on account interests
* Tweet Scheduler
* RSS Feed Curated Tweets
* Follow/Unfollow suggestions
* Follow the followers of other known accounts
* Location/Event specific follow suggestions
* Frames - Place CTA’s in all of the links you share out from industry blogs
* No Credit Card Required 2 week trial
* Agency Pricing

Features coming soon:

* Facebook / Instagram support
* Feedly integration for content curation
* White label Reporting

With our vision to enter a new stage and support multiple social networks we also felt that it was important to move away from our twitter-centric name. So Swift Social was born, and we cannot wait to have you all along with us on the journey. For a little more info please do read our blog post. ( https://swiftsocial.com/blog/ann... )

The Product Hunt community has been a huge supporter in the past and we hope that you continue to be so! We have a 2 week trial with no credit card required, so please do give it a go! Thanks so much and happy hunting.
@kirksfletcher Delighted I could help. This looks great - you've come a long way :)
Kirk Fletcher — Technical Director - SwiftSocial.com
@charlieirish Thank you :-)
Lucy Barret — WordPress Developer
@kirksfletcher @charlieirish Would love to try this in near future....
Kyle Davidson — CEO & Founder Makrs
Been using this for the past 4 days. I have to say, this is currently my favorite social media tool! Great job :)
Kirk Fletcher — Technical Director - SwiftSocial.com
@kylewdavidson Thank you for the kind words, if there is anything you would like to suggest please feel free to reach out. :-)
Ben Tossell — Community Lead, Product Hunt
So how does this compare to other social management tools? There are already so many!
Kirk Fletcher — Technical Director - SwiftSocial.com
@bentossell When building the platform, we worked hard to build a focus group of users that were familiar with a lot of the big tools on the market currently. We split our focus areas into three distinct sections:

Natural Follower Growth:
With advanced custom algorithms we were able to suggest users to follow and unfollow based upon your own key interests and even score them and show chance of engagement and following back (among others)

Automatically Curating Content
With our advanced RSS feed poster, you can build tweets from any RSS feed (not just regurgitate the content) using fine grained customisation rules, i.e. Find & Replace words, add Hashtags from a pool, pull image from post plus tons more options.
It also pull niche relevant tweets that have been retweeted many time to give you a chance to retweet them, again showing your audience that you are on top of the latest social trends.

Driving Traffic To Your Site
One big request we had was to integrate a feature similar to Snip.ly, so we built a feature directly into our platform that allows a user to add a banner (frame) to any link sent out via twitter from Swift that can drive traffic to any link you wish.

There are also many of the usual features such as scheduling custom written tweets, liking and retweeting, to be honest probably too many to mention here but hope that helps :-)
Arni Lochner — Co-Founder and Designer, SwiftSocial.com
Hi @bentossell, I'd just like to add to what @Kirksfletcher just said:

The breadth of functionality and powerful features are a given for Swift Social. What sets Swift apart from competitors, is a low skill barrier to entry. As well as that, the ability to have your account managed for you is something that no other tool on the market offers and we'll be introducing this very soon.

We believe there are the 3 key criteria to make a successful social media management product:

1. Easy to use - A user-friendly product is key, as Swift is used by a diverse audience comprising of both marketers and less tech-savvy business owners.

2. Feature-rich - A rich feature set is important to compete and Swift goes toe-to-toe with the biggest tools in the market, whilst containing several features that are unique only to Swift.

3. Time-saving - We believe that our users should have as little or as much control as they want and the managed service allows users to save 100% of their time without compromising on results

Amongst the competition, we’re striving to keep Swift in the ‘sweet spot’ of meeting all 3 of the criteria requirements.
Brian Sanders — CEO @nexcast - Podcast @buildingnexcast
Started my trial and love it so far - good work!
Kirk Fletcher — Technical Director - SwiftSocial.com
@briansventures fantastic! :-) thank you.
Ian Cleary — CEO, razorsocial
Looks interesting!
Kirk Fletcher — Technical Director - SwiftSocial.com
@iancleary Thank you, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out.
Ben Hayes — Startupbootcamp IoT | Connected Devices
I like the sound of this a lot, particularly the curated follow/unfollow. Only question is, given some of Twitter's justified reluctance to have accounts spam follow people, is there a danger that this feature makes that too easy so they could actually block you out of their API? Noticed it happened to tweepi recently.
Kirk Fletcher — Technical Director - SwiftSocial.com
@btdhayes Absolutly not, we are very careful about how the process in which our users utilise the tools in our platform. We are very much against spam on twitter and initially created this tool to help people grow a healthy account without resorting to questionable tactics promoted by others. Our super advanced algorithms will find and suggest some of the most relevant and engaged users for you to follow then present that data to you for you to follow on a one-by-one basis be it a more informed and worthwhile follow. It can suggest the likelihood of a user following you back (amongst other unique metrics) so you don't have to resort to a spammy scattergun approach if quick growth is the aim for that session. :-) great question, hope that helps.
I like this can't wait to find time to try it out. From what I've seen so far though it looks pretty awesome.
Kirk Fletcher — Technical Director - SwiftSocial.com
@peskygeek we really hope you enjoy it, we always welcome feedback.
Fizzle  — Founder, StudentPay
Question. Why twitter?
Kirk Fletcher — Technical Director - SwiftSocial.com
@dopesavant well its twitter for now! Instagram and Facebook are firmly in the development pipeline as a near future update with others to follow! ;-)
Kirk Fletcher — Technical Director - SwiftSocial.com
@dopesavant also when we built the platform originally for internal use it was built with the intention of helping us handle our twitter clients.
Nitesh Manav — Just google : Nitesh Manav
@craigcurchin @arnilochner @kirksfletcher @charlieirish I am using this tool for last one week now and I am totally in love with it. The best thing about this tool is automating scheduling of posts from desired RSS feeds on user decided timing intervals and then features like Hashtag insertion and replacements, frame creation. It also extracts images from posts before tweeting and hence make each of our tweets visually appealing. To find the best RSS feed , I use ctrlq.org/rss

I have previously used SocialPilot.co etc. but they didn't seem as effective as this one.
Some feedback:
1. Give some option to add other link- shortener tools like Bit.ly or Buff.ly. If all the links in my tweets goes through one source ie. http://swft.so which is not a link-shortener site but a twitter automation and management tools ,then it doesn't look good. I don't want my followers to know or think that I am using any tools.
2. Add one free plan too with limited functionality and accounts adding capability.
3. When we choose not to shorten the link through "swft.so" link shortener. It totally vanishes the link though it should only disable the shortening of the links. not kill the whole link.

Anyway, all the best for the great success of this tool :)

Nitesh Manav
Kirk Fletcher — Technical Director - SwiftSocial.com
@niteshmanav Thank you very much for your kind words and great feedback. To address the feedback points:

1. & 3. We will be making a few changes to the way short links are produced, these include the ability to use your own custom domain as well as a few more short domain options from us, on top of this we will also be looking to launch our own shortener service as a separate site/brand so these links will be part of that platform instead (we will offer FREE access to this service included with Swift). We will also give you the ability to not shorten the links at all, however this will disable the ability to have frames or gather detailed analytics on those links.

2. A free plan is something that has been talked about a lot in the Swift offices, however, at the moment we want to focus on making this product much bigger and better for everyone, creating a free plan now will mean lots of extra infrastructure costs and management, that is a lot of time and money that could go into development right now so will be left for a later date, but never say never ;-)
Nitesh Manav — Just google : Nitesh Manav
@kirksfletcher : Thanks for the prompt response. Though point-2 for "free limited plan" was more individual-centric feedback as now I only have 9-10 days left for the trial period and I am really going to miss the future features of this tool. Don't think that I don't want to pay for it but the thing is that currently I don't have... to pay for it.... :) #EntrepreneursLife
Anyway, I will follow up with the updates through your blog and twitter handle.

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