The best way to express what you really think (w/ GIFs)


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Josh Elman — Partner, Greylock
This is seriously fun. since @rrhoover only speaks GIF anyways I can finally talk to him
Ryan Hoover — Product Hunt
But seriously, I dig Sparks. I was playing with Sparks the other day and made a few quick mental notes:

- Filters as emotions - GIFs are all about emotion, often reactions to other events. The filters (which customizes the color and font) are described as emotions like excited, proud, wistful, etc.

- I've seen these GIFs before - I've played with several GIF apps and they all seem to surface the same images. They're not bad but I want variety.

- GIF channels - when creating a GIF, you're asked to add it to a channel (effectively a hashtag). This is probably the most compelling part of Sparks, giving users the ability to express themselves in a fun way about a specific topic (e.g. World Cup, Grammy's, Product Hunt?).

Congrats on the launch, @evantana and team.
Evan Tana — Co-founder, Sparks
first-timer here on PH. loving it, and look forward to feedback from the community!

@rrhover, thanks for the quick notes and, yes, i'm all in for gif-only comments on PH (obviously :P).

re: more moar GIFs, we totally agree. we absolutely want to both expand the types of media you can use as well as make it even easier to find. we're super focused on helping you turn an expression in your head into some cool, shareable creation for others as quickly as possible.

btw, sure someone will ask...we're really excited about the incredibly coincidental news of Twitter supporting GIFs in the timeline. it'll make our integration Twitter that much, we just need to get that quick update out to support it. back to you on that shortly.
Evan Tana — Co-founder, Sparks
oh, and if you're curious to read more about the app and why we built it.
Ryan Hoover — Product Hunt
Based on feedback from the community and my own personal bias, we're considering moving to GIF-only comments on Product Hunt. Typing is hard. I just wanna GIF.
Guy Gal — Growth at Joyus
you should source from Vine, and as an acquisition strategy, I would actually focus on onboarding Vine creators, since they are essentially creating GIFs already and could use a creation tool to supplement their Vine creation
Ali R. Tariq — Product Designer, Manulife RED Lab
This is great. I've been wanting something like this to put together a community newsletter for work. Would love to see this for Android too.
Evan Tana — Co-founder, Sparks
@guygal great idea. thanks!

@alirtariq, we'll make this even easier in an update (saving to the camera roll is jacked up now), but one way to do it today is to save the mp4 from our permalink and convert it to a gif. not ideal at all, and we'll make this much easier soon to grab a gif and use it elsewhere (like an email, newsletter, website)
adam leibsohn — COO @ GIPHY
i'm biased but... love what @evantana and his team did here. the @giphy integration is excellent, and i'm sure they'll be able to freshen up their inventory using the API to source trending GIFs.

ps i'm also a fan for GIF only comments on PH. how abt a giphy API integration, @rrhoover? ;)
Evan Tana — Co-founder, Sparks
@adamcl psyched to be working with you guys. yeah, we're not on top of trending GIFs, but should be.
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