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Jonno RiekwelFounder of
Great looking iOS app. I've been trying it out for a while and it's been pretty great so far.
Solene MaîtrePM @applydia
I tried it today, congrats! I really love the idea. The app is very functional and useful but there are several design patterns that could be more subtle and would give an impression of simplicity. Here are my few thougths after my first sue:
- A word for each icon is too much "like", "new", "share"
- Too many actions in the Nav Bar
- Default pictures and avatars with a grey templates makes the app look like a prototype.
- The boxes in the activity feed lowers the readability.

I hope they can come up with a more subtle design because the key features are here and I really think that good design will make the difference in this field. I'd use this kind of app everyday.
Paul GellerCEO, Dialect
Thanks for all the love everyone. @SoleneMa, point taken. We could have limited it a little bit more for the launch but we're going to see what resonates with the users.
Solene MaîtrePM @applydia
@paulgeller Congrats for the launch!
Eric MetelkaProduct Manager, PowerReviews
I've wanted this for a long time. Thank you for making it with great intergrations and a great name.

I make foursquare lists all the time (feel like I'm the only one). Can't wait to pull them into here and add collaborators.
Paul GellerCEO, Dialect
Thanks @SoleneMa @eric3000. This has been a passion project for me, nearly 2 years in the making. Hopefully it's something that resonates with lots of us organizational freaks. Did you check out Foursquare Syncing @eric3000? We have some work to do on that but it's pretty damn good right now.
Josiah Austin Guldendesigner | writer | simplifier
Ballsy choice on the name and color scheme, comrade.
Paul GellerCEO, Dialect
haha @jgulden. Already got called out by @redscarebot on twitter
Josh MendelsohnHattery, Engine, other crazy stuff.
I've been using for a bit (follow me if you like real Chicago style pizza). Great design, good product. Was initially skeptical before downloading but have been really won over.

Would love if like Wisely it could take some of my data and help me automate some of my lists, @paulgeller.
Paul GellerCEO, Dialect
@joshmendelsohn It will! It will! "suggestions" coming in v1.3.
Josh MendelsohnHattery, Engine, other crazy stuff.
Frankie Warrenclever
@paulgeller Congrats on a successful launch!

Some initial thoughts (very similar to @SoleneMa):

Cover photos should be a part of the "Create New List" flow rather than in the "Edit" menu since the design relies heavily on the cover photo in various feeds. Similarly, adding a profile pic should be a part of the the create account flow. Right now a beautiful design is not living up to its full potential because of default avatars and backgrounds scattered throughout. A little more friction, but worth it IMO. Another idea would be to programmatically pull a photo from the list/venue depending on the input source.

The actions that can be taken on any given list are not totally clear. I was confused at first that the Document Icon and the Subscribe text were the same action. Also its still not clear to me what the pin does. The share and heart icons are pretty standard UI elements but coupled with the uncertainty of the other icons theres a pretty heavy cognitive load trying to figure out what each button does and if they are mutually exclusive.

This is a personal preference, but I think this app lends itself nicely to a tabbed interface rather than a drawer/hamburger. There are only 4 elements behind the drawer. It requires two taps to navigate to any new element and I often forget that they are back there. The explore feature has a lot of potential, and I would visit it more often if it were at the bottom.

Some smaller nitpicks:
-Liking a list with 0 likes is incrementing to 2 then tapping a second time decrements to 1. Force quitting the app and relaunching goes back to 0. (I'm on iOS 8 Beta 4, so forgive me if it has to do with that).
-The "Find and Invite Friends" screen secondary text says "Find you Facebook friends" and "Find you Twitter friends" rather than "Find your Facebook friends" and "Find your Twitter friends"

Overall I was really impressed and personally think it will be a useful app. One of its strengths is that it works just fine in single player mode, but is strengthened by network effects (similar mechanics to Pinterest: everyone creating their own personal boards creates value for the network). Well done and send my congrats to your team!
Paul GellerCEO, Dialect
@frankiewarren wow wow wow! Thanks for taking the time to write all of that. I'm going to respond to each paragraph.

1) You are 100% right. I'm going to see if we can get that done in 1.0.3

2) Pin, pins it to your sidebar for quick access! I can see how the subscribe/document thing could be confusing. Maybe we will enclose them in their own outline to make that easier to understand.

3) I think now that you know whats up with Pins you might change your mind about the usefulness of the drawer. Maybe not though. Our plan is to build out the tabbed interface so i think we are on the same page anyway.

4) Typos and bugs logged! Thank you!

Thank you. I think that if those are your biggest complaints, you'll be happy with upcoming releases.
Adam KazwellProduct @ Say Media
As a fan of the no-longer-in-development I was excited to find and check out this app....but so far, it's not yet resonating with me.

Some observations while kicking the tires:
1. Love the opening screen - very nicely refined.
2. Getting a user's location is key, when I completed onboarding I was left with a pretty intimidating blank slate. It would be great to be able to easily browse/subscribe to lists that are popular in my area.
3. When creating a list, it was frustrating (and slowed me down) to have to select "item type" each time. If I'm creating a list of favorite coffee shops, I probably won't also be mixing in music and film items.

Hopeful that more people continue to adopt the app - looking forward to more lists being created.
Paul GellerCEO, Dialect
1) Thanks
2) Agreed. We're going to be reworking the on-boarding process. This is definitely a pain point that others have identified.
3) I KNOW! So annoying! The app is going to get smarter and it will be able to identify what type of item it is that you are selecting instead of asking you. That's the end goal!
4) A second thanks!
Belle Beth CooperCo-founder,
This reminds me of an app called Well for iOS by Jiraffe that I used to use a lot. It was for good-looking private and collaborative lists, but the integrations in Socialist make it one-up already. I was sad that Well got abandoned, and hope Socialist takes off!
Allison Esposito@Oyster. Prev. @Foursquare
Looks great. I have some feedback about the copy on your site.

1) Copy should answer the big question-- how is this different than Evernote and other similar apps?
2) Consider shorter & more direct sentences to succinctly explain what the app is for.

Congrats on your launch!
Paul GellerCEO, Dialect
@allisonveronica Thanks!
1. I'm a huge Evernote fan. I use it for tons of different tasks but not for making lists, even though technically, I could. While Evernote has a really robust API and tons of partners it's not built to make media-rich, sharable, interactive lists. I think that if you're an avid Evernote user the differences in both purpose and functionality between Evernote and Socialist will be clear.

2. Are you referring to our "heady" website? I agree. Sometimes that's challenging. There's so much one wants to say about one's baby! Point taken.
Allison Esposito@Oyster. Prev. @Foursquare
@paulgeller Cool. I think it just needs to be communicated as much as possible how this is different than whatever janky way you're currently keeping lists of things ( you know what I mean)?

My advice for writing copy on your site is to think of the first 2-3 questions people ask you about the product when you first explain to them what it is, then work backwards from there when explaining the features, etc.

See if you can challenge yourself to cut what you're saying in half. You'd be surprised at the results.
Paul GellerCEO, Dialect
@allisonveronica point taken! Thank you!
Belle Beth CooperCo-founder,
@allisonveronica I love that suggestion about writing copy! I'm totally stealing it :P
Allison Esposito@Oyster. Prev. @Foursquare
@BelleBCooper Thanks! We should definitely chat sometime and exchange notes :) I just followed you on Twitter.
Solene MaîtrePM @applydia
@allisonveronica Great idea! Thanks :)
Allison Esposito@Oyster. Prev. @Foursquare
@SoleneMa Sure. :)
Belle Beth CooperCo-founder,
@allisonveronica Definitely!
Frankie Warrenclever
@paulgeller Sorry for the lengthy feedback; I didn't have time to make it short. ;) Looking forward to future releases.
Paul GellerCEO, Dialect
@frankiewarren Love it. Thanks.
Bram KansteinStartup Advisor, created Startup Stash
this is cool! Is there a possibility to share a list on the web? For other people to watch (not collaborate?)
Paul GellerCEO, Dialect
@bramk we are working on "embed" in an upcoming release and a full blown web version. For now you can share a link, which produces really slick dynamic cards for both twitter and facebook. Thanks!
Paul GellerCEO, Dialect
Forgot to thank @Jonnotie for submitting us. Thanks, man!
Jonno RiekwelFounder of
@paulgeller Sure thing man!
Morgan Missen
At least they didn't call it Listeria.

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