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jonas — building @blab ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
The single BEST THING about this is what happens when the tab is inactive in your browser (found in chrome, not sure about other browsers.)

Seriously, try it. Open the site and click on another tab, see what happens.

My mind is blown.
Rodolphe Dutel — BizDev @ Buffer & Founder @
@sleinadsanoj hehe, the awesome @jeremybenaim crafted this page very carefully ;)
Ryan Brink — Developer, designer, entrepreneur
@sleinadsanoj Shoot, thought I was the first to notice this!

Very nicely done.
Eric Willis — Mod @Product Hunt/ Founder @Chatmunk
@sleinadsanoj YOU would catch that!
Brian Lovin — Product Designer, Facebook
Remote jobs will be one of the biggest changes in org. structure in the next few years, I'm confident. The Remotive team has done an amazing job curating some of these opportunities for people who want to work from around the world!
Andreas Klinger — Tech at Product Hunt 💃
Agree w/ @brian_lovin here. Remote work is the logic evolution of digital work. Imo in a fear years from now it's completely normal to only be at the same office/place once a month.

Also personally i believe for many Non-US/Non-major-eu-city citizens remote work is one of the few ways to build up an impressive startup related CV

One recommendation for remotivejobs: make a clear distinction between fully remote/distributed teams and teams that allow remote work.
Rodolphe Dutel — BizDev @ Buffer & Founder @
@brian_lovin @andreasklinger Hey Andreas, thanks for your feedback - you're right, making a clearer distinction sounds good :)
Fred Rivett — One half of @wecontrast
@brian_lovin @andreasklinger @rdutel I second that distinction. It makes a big difference knowing whether you're joining a team full of remote workers or whether you're the remote worker for an office based team.
Tristan Pollock — 500 Startups E.I.R. + Venture Partner
@andreasklinger good point. Is it Buffer (completely remote - @leowid), or just a remote Airbnb office.
Rodolphe Dutel — BizDev @ Buffer & Founder @
Hi there, Rodolphe from Remotive here - happy to answer any questions, we're excited to share the remote startup love, and to learn in the process - all feedback welcome, thanks :)
Darren Buckner — Founder, Workfrom
@rdutel congrats! Love seeing another great resource in this space. I've been receiving the weekly for some time now and find it quite useful—thanks. We should chat about connecting the Remotive and communities.
Ilia Markov — Content Marketing Buff
I think Remotive is on track to becoming the best source for anything related to remote working. And I have tonnes of respect for @rdutel's open-mindedness and willingness to listen to advice and act on it to improve the product.
Shannon Byrne — Created Content Strategist
The more work I do, and the more I tackle on the side, the more I realize how flexibility and finding the workflow and environment that works for you is so crucial. Services like Remotive Jobs are the future of the job marketplace, IMO. Also really look forward to having a new resource to send all my awesome friends looking for remote work for so many different reasons!
Marina Janeiko — UX designer, founder of @WhatsitlikeApp
Added to "#nomads favorite" collection:
Bryan Postelnek — Product Manager, Offerpop
Holy crap. This is amazing. As a frequent remote worker myself, this will be essential when it comes time to think about finding the next remote gig. Especially happy about the ability to filter by product, as remote Product Manager roles are hard to come by.

Really think that the future of remote working is bright. However, I think it needs to be mixed in with meeting, in person, the other members of the team frequently. It works really well for me to visit my team every few weeks in person and work from the office.
Thomas Schranz ⛄️ — Co-founder & CEO, Blossom
Super exciting :) Great job @brian_lovin
Caleb Elston — Co-founder of Delighted
Great stuff.
Tahlia Sutton — Product, Glia
Well done. Huge market fit for those that want to live in their own personal paradise...but paradise lacks the jobs or the industry to thrive. I might actually be able to stay in Hawaii (or even more remote) with this kind resource.
Gordon Tindall — Design | @Kamcord
Is this basically just a web based version of working nomads?
Rodolphe Dutel — BizDev @ Buffer & Founder @
@_gordee Hey Gordon, I'm a bit new to working nomads, I understand they will be more email-based, which is great! Remotive is designed to help with getting started with Remote startups, including both nomad & sedentary lifestyles :) We also share weekly content by email: culture & tips from team members of those statups :)
Gordon Tindall — Design | @Kamcord
@rdutel thanks for the reply. It looks like from the drop down that you are only sourcing from a small number of companies, are these partner co's? Does this mean you aren't aggregating from other sources with remote listings?
Kimberly Wolfson — talech mPOS Sales | CRM Strategist
@_gordee @rdutel That's a great idea.
Inga Brel — Graphic Designer
If anyone needs a resume to apply, check out some nice designs on
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