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Nate Westheimer — Former: CEO Picturelife & NY Tech Meetup
Thanks @kylebragger for the submit and the the votes y'all!

I'm Nate, the CEO & Co-founder (along with @charlesforman and Jacob DeHart) of Picturelife. Today, we just relaunched everything, and are especially excited about the new iOS app linked above.

AMA! I'll be here all day.
Josh Elman — Partner, Greylock
@innonate congrats on the new launch!
Nate Westheimer — Former: CEO Picturelife & NY Tech Meetup
@joshelman Thanks Josh!
Phil Toronto — Vayner/RSE
PL has been backing up all of my photos for many fortnights at this point - we're talking at least 40+ fortnights.
Michael ★ Galpert — loves you
Picturelife Search is my favorite thing. The ability to hide my n00ds is my second favorite thing about this app :P
Nate Westheimer — Former: CEO Picturelife & NY Tech Meetup
@msg we're also pumped that Picturelife hides your n00ds, Michael.

But seriously, thanks for all your support!
John Borthwick — betaworks
@philtoronto me too -- great service and product (disclosure we are investors)
Taylor Crane — Senior Product Manager, Originate
Been using Picturelife for a few weeks now after I became absolutely fed up with iCloud/iPhoto and the abomination that is Photostream.

Very happy with the product overall, and satisfied that I can finally have all my photos accessible at my fingertips. I LOVE the fact that I can tag, and then search photos, but the idea of going through 2,000 photos and tagging all of them seems like quite the hassle. I wonder how others manage this.

Nate, what does this new update include? On first glance I don't see anything different, but I don't use the mobile app that much.
Nate Westheimer — Former: CEO Picturelife & NY Tech Meetup
@taykcrane Thanks! So the new app includes a bunch of stuff.

For existing users:
1. Incredible new Maps view on mobile. So cool to see what you've shot right where you are.
2. View all your photos with Faces in them. We do face detection right on the device.
3. Favorites! Believe it or not but this is my favorite. Those 10 photos I always search for are right at my finger tips.
4. "Open in..." functionality – finally :)
5. Screenshots get their own view, and don't clutter nice photos.
6. And perhaps the most significant – huge for us and new customers (but not a big deal for our existing customers) – is that Picturelife "just works" now right after download. You never have to create an account if you don't want the cloud storage option. Out of the box it's just a better camera roll/Photos.app.

Beyond that, it's faster, has a really neat "quick action" system, and more I'm sure I'm forgetting!
Taylor Crane — Senior Product Manager, Originate
@innonate Great stuff.

Curious why you're releasing all these features at once as opposed to continuously? If you were iOS only I'd understand but given you have a web app, I'm surprised you waited to release all of this together. Curious what the decision-making process was behind this.

Love the Favorites idea. Is this automated, or does the user have to indicate which photos are favorites? Hoping the former. Any features that allow me to more easily find past photos I welcome.
Nate Westheimer — Former: CEO Picturelife & NY Tech Meetup
@taykcrane releasing new iOS and new plans was mostly a coincidence.

Favorites are 100% user-driven... like choosing what photos go in your wallet. We use automated "best photos" picking in many other areas though, like the homescreen of the web app, the daily Memories emails, etc.
Jonathon Triest — Ludlow Ventures
Hey @innonate, I've tried a ton of products that back up and keep all my photos/videos in one spot. Most recently I've been using Dropbox's Carousel and I really like it. How does Picturelife differ?
Nate Westheimer — Former: CEO Picturelife & NY Tech Meetup
@jtriest Thanks for the question. Not just trying to be salesy here, but I do think best answer is you should "just try it" to see for yourself. I'll still give it a go though :)

Dropbox is an awesome hard-drive in the cloud we use to share Excel files and design assets internally, but doesn't do much more for us. To them, a photo file is basically the same as a PowerPoint, except in Carousel where they try and order them by date.

Picturelife is built for photos and videos. We've done the hard work to understand how photos should be processed and auto-organized. Our privacy controls make sense for sharing privately, but not giving up control. Metadata you've collected in iPhoto, Lightroom, or Aperture lives on in Picturelife. And our deep search makes it so you can find a photo instantly based on more than just a spinning wheel (you can search by person, place, season, etc).

What more, we offer syncing from Facebook, Instagram, Foursquare, Tumblr and more (Dropbox too), so all your photos really can be in one place, not just the ones you have (and for them, need to keep) on your hard-drive.
Nikita Korotaev — Incubating products @ Glocal Partners
@innonate I'm a fan and PictureLife subscriber. Great update today! Was very excited when saw the new icon :) Didn't like the dark colours on the previous one.

Like the new navigation within the app. And things like a separate area for screenshots is smart :) Dark striped photo-placeholders still very dark to my eye, brighter colors would be more fun(like the new logo).

Are you thinking about native Mac app? The Web-version is great, but it still Web with all its limitations, experience is still not as smooth as native iPhoto experience. Do you agree with that? I caught myself not logging in on the PictureLife on the Web for a long time.

What's the long-term vision and focus? What do you think about the native iOS8 Photos app with iCloud Drive storage and upcoming Photos app for the Mac? How would PictureLife differentiate from them or compete with them?
Nate Westheimer — Former: CEO Picturelife & NY Tech Meetup
@nikitakorotaev Thanks!

We believe the future is with browser-based applications, but that we can do more to leverage the desktop apps to increase performance when you're accessing Picturelife on a machine that's running our app (it could be used as a proxy, for instance, to the local images).

Long term vision is to be a smart home for your photos. That means continuously innovating to be the best possible place to store your photos, and the best possible way to view and share them.

Right now, that means using your mobile device more as a place to process and organize your photos, and it means doing a great job of resurfacing great photos for you at the right time.

Lastly, it means making Picturelife awesome for families and close friends. Traditional social networks and emails are well used for sharing photos, but incredibly flawed. We think we are fixing this, and will continue to release around the idea of family being the most important unit when it comes to you photos.
Brenden Mulligan — Founder, LaunchKit & Cluster
@innonate the dude sitting on this couch loves photo apps:



Congrats on the release. Looks amazing!
Nate Westheimer — Former: CEO Picturelife & NY Tech Meetup
@mulligan aww man, that got a good laugh here in the office! He DOES love photos! Hooray good taste + stock photo diving.

Thanks for the kind words!
Eric Friedman — GM at Expa
Hi @innonate - excited for the relaunch. I have used a ton of services in the past and most curious about how the experience is building an album, then sharing it with a family member or friend. I am going to try this again, don't worry, but curious to know if others have the same problem. I have invited family to a few services and they all suffer from the same issues;

1. Photos are "locked" in the platform and they can't send them out, reshare, copy etc...
2. No easy way to invite others to participate and share photos into that album
3. Folks are confused and end up filling up each others phone memory with videos and pics that take up way too much room
4. No easy, logged out album view, for folks without the app

Off to try it out!
Anand Rajaram — Product Manager, join.me
happy user for a few months (switched from everpix). Organizing pictures into albums (I only do that when I have to share a subset) is a bit sluggish in the web, but overall a very happy user. Love that today's app can filter by screenshots. Now, if only I can also filter whiteboards :-)
Nate Westheimer — Former: CEO Picturelife & NY Tech Meetup
@anandrajaram thanks! Just save your whiteboard shots as PNGs and it will "just work" ;)
Dave Morin — Founder & Partner, Slow Ventures
@innonate big fan of everything that you guys do, as you know. Happy paying customer.

I am a big fan of the simplification on mobile, and removal of what seemed like features which were not needed in favor of the beautiful photo library visualization UIs that you guys seem so incredible at.

One question I had was why did you change the icon? I really loved the previous icon :)
Nate Westheimer — Former: CEO Picturelife & NY Tech Meetup
@davemorin Thanks Dave! Really appreciate the kind words.

We ditched the icon because while we loved the ingenious origins of the first design (@charlesforman's concept to use real-life color samples of the photo for the blank canvas before an image loads), it still represented the "unloaded" and therefore broken state of the app, and we thought it was the wrong thing to put forward.

Meanwhile, we loved the play of the new icon on life (a flower) and photography (the lens) as the brightness to represent the happiness our photos bring. I'm probably doing a disservice to the work that our Creative Director Phil Machalski did, but that's more or less it!
Dave Morin — Founder & Partner, Slow Ventures
@innonate Also, Picturelife deserves to win ProductHunt today @rrhoover :)
Ryan Hoover — Product Hunt
@davemorin don't look at me, Dave! I lost control long ago. :P
Mark Abramson — I print on things
@innonate automatically sorted All The Screenshots. Very cool. Any plans on offering an API to allow users to get photos from PL to other services?
Nate Westheimer — Former: CEO Picturelife & NY Tech Meetup
@mark__a glad you like it. We've been handing out API access on a limited basis. Email me nate@picturelife.com with your account's email address and I'll get you hooked up.
Ketan Anjaria — CTO, Up All Night / Founder, kidBombay
@innonate I already use Dropbox to store all my iOS photos. How do you guys integrate with that?
Nate Westheimer — Former: CEO Picturelife & NY Tech Meetup
@kidbombay we have an importer for Dropbox (we actually use their Webhooks API and were one of their launch partners with it https://www.dropbox.com/develope... )
Ketan Anjaria — CTO, Up All Night / Founder, kidBombay
@innonate So then am I have 2 copies of my photos? In dropbox and PictureLife?
Nate Westheimer — Former: CEO Picturelife & NY Tech Meetup
@kidbombay well, if you still wanted photos to be uploaded to Dropbox you would. Most folks don't have a need for photos to be in Dropbox after using Picturelife (as we do the uploading from the device too).
Nate Westheimer — Former: CEO Picturelife & NY Tech Meetup
Sharing some data here about how much traffic @producthunt sends your way. Google Analytics as of this afternoon is as follows:

1,879 total visitors (more than any other news/social source) with an average session length of ~ 1 minute.

Incredible work by @rrhoover et al at PH.
Ryan Hoover — Product Hunt
@innonate thanks for sharing, Nate! That doesn't include traffic from the Product Hunt email though, does it? I checked our metrics and with email combined, we've driven 3,015 visits via this post so far.

P.S. it's not just me -- I've had a lot of help, something I need to write about soon.
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