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alex kwon — oneminute
Thank you so much siqi(@blader), ryan(@rrhoover), for this hunt!

I initially thought of the concept while blankly staring at a monitor, wondering what’s happening around the world at that very moment. There simply was no way to instantly view the visual status of the world. oneminute is the answer to the curiosity I once had.

In ‘oneminute', you get a daily notification and only get 1 minute to capture a ‘raw' slice of your everyday life.
In return, you get to enjoy a global feed of spontaneous moments.

oneminutes from all around the world get ‘frozen’ into the app (a frozen camera.. get it? :)

we spent a lot of time designing a care-free photo sharing experience that looks and feels different.
- anonymity: you can capture a more honest reflection of your everyday life. (e.g. we had a user submit a picture of toilet paper while he/she was.. you know)

- narrow photos: with smaller photos, you care less about what you take a picture of. (inspired by Marc Hemeon’s blog post
- 3 likes: oneminute is cool, but 1 like is boring. you can give up to 3 likes per a photo

We hacked together oneminute (initially it was called 3minutes..not cool) during the Product Hunt hackathon back in October.

Ever since, we ran around gathering feedbacks from users, getting advice from amazing influencers to polish the product.

Product Hunt team @coreleyh @msccc and Ryan, of course have been extremely supportive. Huge thanks to you guys.

We have quite a few exciting features coming up around SXSW timeline (we got a booth at Startup Spotlight). so stay tuned!

Any questions professional, personal, are more than welcome. I'll have my eyes fixed on the monitor, hands glued to the keyboard all day, so give it a try. We will try to answer all questions in 'oneminute.'

oneminute team

special thanks to
@blader for super helpful feedback on the product, especially camera ux
@rrhoover @msccc @coreleyh for being the VIP beta users
@MengTo for teaching me sketch through design + code
@hemeon for the inspiring blog post
@tarongh for Tailor app. we use it daily to stitch the oneminutes and post on twitter(
Ryan Hoover — Product Hunt
Congrats, @alexyoungkwon, and respect for giving "special thanks" to others that have helped, directly and indirectly. Love that. 😄
alex kwon — oneminute
@rrhoover Yea! learned from your blog post before about 'giving credits' oneminute' is almost too product hunt-y! :-) born from PH hackathon, polished by the community, amplified by tools recommended from PH!
Corley — COO @ Product Hunt
I would recommend giving this a try. The best thing about it - it takes less than one minute to 'play'. It is interesting to see what others are doing at the same time, but it is also interesting to see your pictures over time.

I've said this to @alexyoungkwon, but I'll say this here, too - I would like to be able to have a group function where it was a group of friends or a team that you were building this shared picture-history with.
alex kwon — oneminute
@corleyh Thank you for the feedback! We are considering options around several 'additional' oneminute notification methods (location based, etc) for high-score users who clearly love receiving oneminutes.

We believe push-notification is a very effective way to notify users, but at the same time very sensitive since it can be quite intrusive.

This is just one of several feedbacks from you and PH team, and we really appreciate it!
Ryan Hoover — Product Hunt
I love the idea of prompting a group of strangers from across the world, to snap a photo at a moment in time. I've been playing with Tworlds the past few days, which has similarities to this.

OneMinute could be particularly interesting at events like Coachella (cc @nicadler), surfacing photos from different perspectives at the same time.

What are you planning to change or add next, @alexyoungkwon?
alex kwon — oneminute
@rrhoover we have major features lined up, centered around enhancing local, instantaneous interactions.

Next major release (a little too fast, but it's ok) will be around SXSW where we will hold a booth at the startup spotlight. Small, crowded region + oneminute. Things are about to get super interesting, so stay tuned.

A little further down the line, we have slight gamification (better rack up the score on upper left corner for this! :-) coming up.

P.S. if anyone at SXSW wants to hang out, please let me know here or twitter. just going by myself and literally don't know a single attendee for now :-)
Aaron Hanson — I help startups get press
Neat! Looking forward to trying out OneMinute! Thanks for building an Android version. Reminds me of the app 1 Second Everday I've been recording 1 second every day for the past year and it's pretty fun to watch. It sure makes you aware of any days where all you do is sit in front of your laptop and work ;)
alex kwon — oneminute
@crixlet Thank you so much! There's a 'my oneminutes' section where all collections of your past oneminutes are displayed. You just have to tap on the number on upper left corner :)
Meng To — Designer
Love the simplicity of the app and the format of the photos. Much can be told from these glances. It's especially interesting to see places from around the world. Great job, looking forward to see this grow.

I still remember our Hangout less than a year ago. You were looking to learn iOS. Now you have your own app and your own team, and you move to SF! You've come a long way, Alex. Keep it up and thanks for the mention! :)
alex kwon — oneminute
@mengto Thank you so much Meng! It means so much too me, and the team! I think just getting started is the hardest part, and the rest of it can somehow be worked out (still working hard on the baby steps :-)
alex kwon — oneminute

First official oneminute of the day! @crixlet @corleyh @Mengto @blader @rrhoover @msccc!

Summoning upvoters of oneminute from back in product hunt hackathon days. @jbswuft @kristofertm @404notkim @littlejazzhands @darylginn
alex kwon — oneminute
oneminute just hit 1 million ❤s. Check out our insider-story on medium ( 😍

Special thanks to..
@blader for sage-level product advices

@rrhoover @mscccc @Corleyh @eriktorenberg for @ProductHunt love. Starting with launch, to introducing products like Pexels (@3runjo), (@neiltak @hamey), Product Hunt has been an ever-going fuel for oneminute's growth.

@anamitra @bonatsos for sharing hands-on experiences with social giants like Twitter, YikYak, Snapchat.

@designinsighter for product insights

@beller@LaurenBerson for Cornell love!

@Bosefina for amazing intros and Product/life chitchats
Really really dig this concept, but would love to see usernames/profiles.
alex kwon — oneminute
@drew Helli Drew! super appreciate your interest! We believe that anonymity helps foster a more spontaneous reflection of your life. We are doubling down on scene and context instead of user identities like traditional social networks.
Ouriel Ohayon — appsfire, CEO/ isai (VC) co-founder
great idea. just wanted to signal a bug. onboarding keep spinning on itself. impossible to get in the app
alex kwon — oneminute
@ourielohayon Thanks a lot for sharing!! Would you mind sharing your Android/iOS, OS version? So do you mean you cannot go past the onboarding process? We will provide a fix asap
Ouriel Ohayon — appsfire, CEO/ isai (VC) co-founder
@alexyoungkwon latest iOS version. Iphone 6. Just FYI. i killed the app. waited a few min. then the app asked me authorization for push. then worked. just a little glitch i guess
Corley — COO @ Product Hunt
Congrats @alexyoungkwon! Super cool! :-)
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