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Ovi Negrean — Founder @getnuggetapp, @underdogsio
Hey there! I'm Ovi, one of the co-founders of nugget!

Get Smarter in 5 Seconds: Swipe Through the World's Best Books.

Do you wish you could read more books... but never find the time?
Think over the last six months. Imagine how much smarter you'd be, if you could get the main takeaways of just ONE more book per month.

Now, you can read books 5 seconds at a time.
With nugget, you can swipe through the BEST business books. It's like Tinder for your brain.

nugget is a highly visual app that helps you discover, remember and share the best content of books that make you better.

Think GoodReads quotes meets Instagram. A nugget is highly visual book soundbite. A short standalone quote from a book, that brings value on its own. nuggets are either an inspirational quote or an actionable quote accompanied by a relevant background image for more impact so you remember it easier.

If you want to write about nugget - just reach out - Ovi at
Rodrigo Prior — CEO @
@ovinegrean Great to see Nugget here!

Product seems useful and I'm giving it a chance since I've always looking for an app that give me smart pills from nice books!
Ovi Negrean — Founder @getnuggetapp, @underdogsio
@rodrigoprior Rodrigo, I think I'll use that: "smart pills from nice books" :D Love it! :D
Ryan Holiday — Author, Ego is the Enemy
@ovinegrean Whoa apparently I'm in here. Cool thanks
Ovi Negrean — Founder @getnuggetapp, @underdogsio
@ryanholiday You're welcome, Ryan! :)
Ovi Negrean — Founder @getnuggetapp, @underdogsio
@arasheedphoto Thanks Adam! 80/20 would be book summaries. We're the 80/20 of 80/20 :-D And BTW, we have the 80/20 book in the app ;-)
Cliff Dailey — I make things.
@ovinegrean Currently obsessed. Being an avid reader and quote junkie, this is the perfect product for me. Major kudos!!
Ovi Negrean — Founder @getnuggetapp, @underdogsio
@cliffdailey Glad to hear that Cliff! Major Kudos to you too :-) If you have any feedback once you've started using the app, would be happy to hear it -> Ovi at :)
Violeta Nedkova — Marketing Coach Extraordinaire
Awesome, I intend on using the hell out of this. :D
Ovi Negrean — Founder @getnuggetapp, @underdogsio
@violetanedkova We hope you'll like it more and more with each new version :-D
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