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The next chapter in file sharing


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Alexander Mimran — Founder, Minbox
We've been working harder than ever on something brand new, Minbox 3. What was once a simple file sharing app is now a mind-blowingly beautiful collaboration tool. Enjoy this sneak peek of our upcoming release — Product Hunters get in early!
Robleh Jama — Founder, Tiny Hearts studio
@amimran Awesome stuff Alex!
Ken Rossi — CardStack
@amimran now that's a demo vid. great friggin job.
Kunal Tandon — kunaltandon.com
@amimran big fan of the product, have been using it for awhile- congrats on the update!
xavier delplanque — Product Manager, Evernote
@amimran Just signed up, can't wait to try it!
Stowe Boyd — work futurist, researcher, iconclast
@amimran When will you add tasks?
Shaan Puri — ceo, Monkey Inferno
that's the illest product video I've ever seen.
Kyle Gostinger — Head of Product , Slope (goslope.com)
Upvote for the announcement video. Signed up because it looks incredible. Keep it up @amimran.
Kristofer™ — Founder @ Lamplighter Labs
That video excites me and scares me
Ian Mikutel — PM, Microsoft OneNote
@basche42 @amimran @KristoferTM Been trying to figure out the song for days now...which remix is it exactly?
jason — ceo, writer, event host & angel
I got a preview.... it's REALLY slick.
Laurence Moore — founder ~ yellobox.io
HA! - what a superb intro. so original!
it totally makes me want to know more....

edit: what a surprise, they're based in SF ; )
jonas — building @blab ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Upvoted for best product-intro video I've seen in a while.
Zac — marketing manager
Looks neat. Signed up, and upvoted for a great video.
Greg Isenberg — CEO, Islands
@amimran just upped the bar on the dopest product video ever. Minbox 3 looks really cool, can't wait to try it out.
Alexander Mimran — Founder, Minbox
Appreciate the love and support from everyone so far, especially @rrhoover and the @producthunt team. Almost all of you filled out our early access form which sorta defeats the purpose!
Jack Smith — Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
I'm surprised that everyone loves the video so much. I didn't learn anything about the product from it; I'd have preferred to know what the new features are going to be.
Alexander Mimran — Founder, Minbox
@_jacksmith Meant to be a teaser! :)
John Clover — Customer Success Lead at Heap
@_jacksmith Agreed, I was a bit lost, mainly because I wasn't familiar with Minbox already, check out their previous videos, as they give a bit of context :)
Cole Mercer — Product @ SoundCloud
@_jacksmith Thought I was the only one thinking this. Left the video wanting to see more features! The video for their original minibox product is the same way. Well produced, just frustrating :) Sidenote: A lot of game devs do this too with cinematic trailers when people just want to see the in-engine gameplay.
⚡️ — Maker
Whoever is making your videos is doing a great job. I still remember your first one http://youtu.be/QKw2qlqAAW8
Alexander Mimran — Founder, Minbox
@a7mads All done internally. Thanks Ahmad!
N. Pearson Wright — Dribble
video & design is on point!!
Ouriel Ohayon — appsfire, CEO/ isai (VC) co-founder
Who makes your videos? every single one of them is outstanding, never saw any company making videos like that
Jack Smith — Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
@OurielOhayon they said above that they made them in-house
Evan Varsamis — Founder & CEO The Gadget Flow
the video is simply awesome! good job!
Stowe Boyd — work futurist, researcher, iconclast
I like it a lot. Will revolutionize how I use Google Drive, for example. Next, they should add tasks.
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