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Choose your hotel by the quality of their WiFi


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Andrew Pyott — Creative, Art Director
Simple enough page. If you're at a hotel, they run a speed test to add the info to their database. If you're looking for a hotel, you can find the options with the best WiFi at a certain city and then go straight through to to place your booking.

From their about page:

"When some of us book hotel rooms, our first thoughts aren’t about whether they have in-room coffee service, or if housekeeping will let have a few extra tiny bottles of shampoo. Instead, our eyes immediately scan for "Free WiFi" somewhere on the booking website. The promise of free WiFi is a big draw in today’s age of constant connectivity. Nothing could be more disheartening than turning on your laptop, only to realize that the hotel’s WiFi is so slow it will take four hours to view the thirty-minute video. You’ve begun to wonder if there’s anyone out there who cares whether hotels not only deliver the WiFi they advertise, but whether they deliver really-good WiFi."
Matt Mullenweg — CEO, Automattic
My world needed this.

Upload speed is just as important to me as download speed, as it has a bigger impact on the quality of a Google Hangout or Skype call. There are also places with good speed, but bad proxies, inserting code into web pages (like many Four Seasons) to put in headers, or intermittent connectivity problems.
Pedro — Co-founder @
Oh boy... This is awesome!
Andrew Pyott — Creative, Art Director
Also similar is "Speed Spot" (which also has iOS and Android apps) via @FrederikLi
Mike Coutermarsh — Code @ Product Hunt
For awhile I lived in hotels for work. I'd always rebook whichever one had the best wifi :). This would have been so useful.
Andrew Pyott — Creative, Art Director
@mscccc I guess it's not the first thing I'd be looking for in a hotel, but if I had to decide between two "similar" hotels, this would definitely be a tie-breaker. It would be nice if this info had a more prominent spot in traditional hotel guides (the Tripadvisor's of the world).
Mike Coutermarsh — Code @ Product Hunt
@andrewpyott Having it rated on tripadvisor would probably incentivize them to make it better :)
Jeremy Frisch — Product Manager, Social Tables
wefi, a hotspot database, just released a report of the top 15 hotel brands with the fastest Wi-Fi. Interestingly enough, Red Roof Inn was #1:

I like that facilitates the communication between the guest and the hotel about their Wi-Fi speed and doesn't post the results on their page until they have enough results to get a true baseline. Great service that will definitely factor into my hotel booking in the future!
Adam Evers — Builder - Internshipsinsf & Coindera
Just shared with all of Sprinklr. Most of our team is remote team and this could be a huge asset to our team. THANK YOU.
Natalia Burina — Parable
So so very useful. When I went on GOAP with 500 Startups I remember that #1 criteria for choosing a hotel was wifi. We were all doing work from our hotels. Just dropped them a note about it.
Ylann Wajsbrot — Kosmo cofounder
Key for internet addict like us ;-)
Seth Porges — CEO, Cloth for iOS
Am astonished at how much faster (75+ mbps) the number one NYC hotel is from the number two (mid-50s mbps)... and how creepily slow others are (below 0.50 mbps Extraordinarily useful.
Owen Williams — Special Projects at Crew
This would have been incredibly useful for me recently; I was travelling the US + Canada and was shocked by the quality of Wifi. "Free wifi" is good but not if it can't load a page...
Robert Spivack — RS Development Group, LLC
Very useful tool. "Free WiFi" has become a throwaway benefit - I think even a corner shoeshine stand offers it. This tool helps evaluate real-world speed from the only perspective that counts - actual hotel guests.

With many hotels offering a basic free service, and a paid premium level (if you have a frequent guest membership or simply ask for it at check-in) it is valuable to know more about the real WiFi speeds achieved.
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