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Ran Heimann — Founder & CEO at Haystack
Thanks Brady. Our UI/UX guy is going to love your comment :-)
Brady Swenson — Co-founder, SpareChair
Another entry into the digital business card market (see @coolnalu's collection). Clean UI and simple UX going for Haystack.
Miles Burke — Founder, 6Q
Love the design, great work! Love seeing fellow Aussies on PH too. :)
Taylor Edmiston — Lead Backend Developer, LISNR
Exactly what I've been looking for. Thanks for building it!
Ross Currie — Founder, CrowdLoot
Interesting! We were looking at doing a similar app at the last Startup Weekend Perth but dissolved after deciding that the market was too saturated.

@ranheimann - Given that there are other companies out there (eg Camcard) that already offer many of the same features (contact sharing, auto-updates, card scanning), what would you say is the competitive edge that Haystack has that will allow it to outplay the established competitors?

The UI is definitely impressive - top points to your UI/UX guy!
Ran Heimann — Founder & CEO at Haystack
@rossdcurrie Good question, Ross.

Two key points of difference:
1. CamCard offers auto-updating only to people that have created a profile on their platform - Haystack's learning algorithm auto-updates every single card on the system!
2. You can create a beautifully branded Haystack card in 30 seconds - enter your work email, and Haystack will do the rest. No app does that (we have a patent pending on that one)

Haystack is like a next generation app compared to the likes of CamCard. Try and use them both, and the differences will be clear :)

Thanks for the support, Ross.
Ross Currie — Founder, CrowdLoot
@ranheimann That is a damn good answer :)
Ouriel Ohayon — appsfire, CEO/ isai (VC) co-founder
nice experience. i had some bad experience with email recognition though. i am personnally still a huge fan of Evernote card scanning. their OCR is top notch and integration with linkedin just rocks
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