Beautiful team chat with tightly integrated task management



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Lance Jonesย โ€” Growth Leader, Flow
Hey, Product Hunters! We may not be making life-sized Lego blocks, but weโ€™re on a mission to make working together easier for teams. And our team is happy to answer any questions you have about Flow and where weโ€™re headed with it. :-)
Andrew Wilkinsonย โ€” Founder/CEO of Flow
@userhue What he said! Super excited to be on here, and looking forward to hearing everyone's questions ๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿผ
Robleh Jamaย โ€” Founder, Tiny Hearts studio
@awilkinson Wow, Flow chat looks great! Flow is starting to feel like a good balance between Slack, Trello and Asana. Curious to know how you and @userhue (hey Lance!) are planning on getting people to switch from those tools. Also, how much are you charging for Flow? I'm tempted to try it.
Elisa Jo Harknessย โ€” Innovation Consultant at FABERNOVEL
@userhue Props on great copy - your Product Hunter welcome made me smile (:
Lance Jonesย โ€” Growth Leader, Flow
@eliservescent Haha -- thanks Elisa! I'm always amazed at the breadth of products featured on PH... :-)
Lance Jonesย โ€” Growth Leader, Flow
@robjama Robleh -- great to "see" you my friend! You can use Flow -- with no limits -- for as long as you need to see if it's a fit... and when your team has adopted it, we have pretty standard SaaS pricing tiers based on team size. It works out to between $6 and $12 per user.

In terms of getting people to switch, we've observed that task management is a software space where switching is quite common, so our strategy is to tap into that and give teams enough time to form a habit of using Flow... helped along by our new team chat functionality, great on-boarding, and early lifecycle messages/emails.

In the end we think we've struck just the right balance between the things people love about those other products you mentioned. ;-)
Saul Fleischmanย โ€” RiteTag Founder & CEO
@userhue is that $6-12/user per month? Asana is free, up to 25 users/team and when we use it for multiple projects, each team is stand-alone so... Your competitive advantage, please?
Ajitย โ€” Professional questioner of everything
@userhue Hey, I was looking to shift my organisation into a new task management tool and found out about Flow and checked it out. Firstly, let me see I love the interface, I love that you guys have an option of list view and Kanban view which is pretty amazing. Everything is just beautiful and the experience is just amazing. But I cam across one thing which is pretty huge for my team, which is the due time inside the due date. We handle a lot of tasks and meetings in a day and it is important for us to have the view of timings on a per day basis not only in the calendar but also in the normal task view. It was so sad to see that this feature isn't present and becomes a deal breaker for us. Can you tell me whether you have this feature in the pipeline or going to come out with it soon. Is there any reason why you did not put that feature?
Tasks is the one big missing piece of Slack.
Kimberly Wolfsonย โ€” talech mPOS Sales | CRM Strategist
@andrewwarner But doesn't @slack integrate with task applications through their API? Not sure how it works, but I thought maybe there was a way.
Kelly Kuhn-Wallaceย โ€” Growth Marketing & Sales Consultant
During my last meeting, I switched between Trello & Slack every 30 seconds. There's an undeniable use case here.
Lance Jonesย โ€” Growth Leader, Flow
@kkdub Hey Kelly -- absolutely! And we're going to make Flow's connection between chat and tasks even tighter over the coming weeks.
Matty Marianskyย โ€” Product Designer at Meekan
It looks beautiful! Every pixel well-placed. And you can't really say "No" to the pricing scheme..

Can I ask how Metalab's work on Slack has influenced the decision process here? And do you see the chat part totally taking over the rest of the workflow?
Andrew Wilkinsonย โ€” Founder/CEO of Flow
@mmariansky Hey Matty. Great question โ˜บ๏ธ

We've used a ton of chat products over the yearsโ€”all the big onesโ€”and while we found that they made us feel great, and super connected, we noticed that we actually got less done. We found that using chat was a little like having a manic brainstorming session. You leave a messy whiteboard and walk out feeling super energized, but then when you meet a couple weeks later you haven't actually moved the ball forward. We realized that if we didn't convert our big, messy conversations into next steps, nothing got done.

Of course, we used Flow for this, but we kept thinking "man, it sure would be nice if we could create tasks as we're talking" yada, yada, yada, 10 months later: Flow Chat! ๐Ÿ˜ŽโœŒ๏ธ
Matty Marianskyย โ€” Product Designer at Meekan
@awilkinson Thanks, but to be more precise - other task/project managers chose to build a Slack/Hipchat integration, but you guys built a whole new Slack (and a very nice looking one).
I strongly believe that a lot of Slack's success comes from the early work done by Metalab, and I'm very very curious to see where this will go next
Andrew Wilkinsonย โ€” Founder/CEO of Flow
@mmariansky An integration didn't feel like a very elegant solution, and our customers kept asking us to add Chat to Flow. We'd much rather say "hey, we solved your problem" instead of "hey, we solved your problem, but go over there and pay more money for this other product".
Daniel Liย โ€” Full-stack Web Developer in Hong Kong
This is a great product. I often switch between Slack and Trello; with Flow it's all at one place.
Lance Jonesย โ€” Growth Leader, Flow
@d4nyll Thanks, Daniel! We observed how people use Flow (and other task managers) and saw that there's plenty of discussion that occurs before a task or project is created. Those conversations were happening in email and meetings -- and in team chat tools.

For that last group, while having discussions in a chat tool was a time saver, there was still a noticeable amount of friction... created by having to constantly switch apps. We saw that people were having discussions but relying on someone to transfer/transcribe the chat outcome into the task manager... which didn't always happen.

And so we wanted to eliminate that friction and make it a no-brainer to have productive (and some non-productive!) conversations -- but know that the talk is easily turned into action.
dave radparvarย โ€” Co-Founder, Holstee
I have been a long time Flow user, and was a bit surprised by the Chat release. I can see how in the long term this is a direction Flow would take with the app, but for now I wish the focus was on building an even better and more seamless task manager (offline use, 5day - calendar view on ipad, set up task time in day view, integration options).

Slack is great at what it does, and flow at what it does - I am hard pressed to find a reason to uproot our team from slack and onto flow chat. I cant imagine Flow will be able to compete with Slack as they continue to roll out new features, while also developing the task manager. I would have preferred to see a great slack integration if over time there were limits to that integration Flow could always develop its own native solution.

I still love what you all are creating with Flow and have no plans on leaving, just was a bit surprised and was hoping the new release would have been an calendar update, integrations or offline for the task manager.

Keep up the great work and thanks for all that you do, Dave
ianthekidย โ€” Human Swiss Army Knife
Asana + Slack here, but definitely going to keep my eye on this. Great job on the UX!
Lance Jonesย โ€” Growth Leader, Flow
@ianthekid The team here worked incredibly hard on the UX (and more), so I know they'll appreciate your comment, Ian.
Deandre Durrโ˜€๏ธย โ€” Growth Hacker
WOW! 100% free until you feel it is right? Well..@awilkinson you definitely baited me to at least give it a try. ha
Lance Jonesย โ€” Growth Leader, Flow
@dredurr Let us know how it goes, Deandre!
Saxon Fletcherย โ€” Product Designer at Bugcrowd
Hey @awilkinson, nice work! I've been a big fan of MetaLab for a while now.

I'm the creator of a similar product called OnHive.io so I can definitely identify with the problem you're trying to solve.

It seems that a number of platforms (e.g. Asana, Basecamp, Glip, Flow) are all converging on the same place. A central space for teams to live, chat, and work.

Do you see this trend of "an all day interface" as being the future of team collaboration? For the last few years its been all about smaller products that solve smaller problems.
Jon Sutherlandย โ€” Building Wiplo.com
Can you guys elaborate on the thinking behind your pricing? It feels like one of those things where I'm looking for the fine print gotcha moment, so any additional clarity would be awesome
Lance Jonesย โ€” Growth Leader, Flow
@jmsuth Hi Jon -- we don't believe that a 30-day trial is always sufficient time for bringing teams onto a new platform, so we've extended the trial duration to 'indefinite'. Flow is not feature-limited in any way -- and you can invite as many people to use it as you like -- but when it's clear that your team is really leaning on Flow for having discussions, planning projects, etc., we'll ask you to move to a paid plan. But only when it's obvious that you're getting value from Flow.
Hiten Shahย โ€” Crazy Egg, KISSmetrics & Quick Sprout
@userhue until you explained it like that, I was very confused by your "free" language: "Flow is free until you know itโ€™s right, without any limits."
Ovi Negreanย โ€” Founder @getnuggetapp, @underdogsio
Congrats guys for a great launch and a great product!

I've tried to reach your numbers with nugget ( http://www.producthunt.com/tech/... ) but had no chance.

You're clearly today's PH winners :-D

We're now #4 behind PayPal and Nest.. hard to compete with them, but I guess you did. So congrats again!
Lance Jonesย โ€” Growth Leader, Flow
@ovinegrean A very nice run, Ovi. We've been watching your votes climb all day. :-) Nugget looks terrific... lots of really positive comments, too. Continued success with it!!
Steven Hambletonย โ€” Founder, Emailancer
Task 1: Upvote
Task 2: Sign up to Flow
Task 3: Create more tasks!
Michal Aclerย โ€” Product Design @HiDraft.com
I like it! It reminds me first version of Asana combined with Trello (cards FTW!:). Looking forward to try it on my next project.
Arun Pattnaikย โ€” UX'er for web startups, maker of things.
I hit the 'sign-up with Google' button and now I'm stuck in a deadlock. Signup form says I'm already a user and sign-in form says I'll have to login and authenticate the Google ID first. Forgot password doesn't send any email. A little help here?
Andrew Wilkinsonย โ€” Founder/CEO of Flow
@arunpattnaik Crap! Can you email me? We'll get you sorted. andrew@getflow.com
Jaap van Nesย โ€” Co-founder Stuvia.com
Wow, looks like I'm going to start a bright discussion about our use of Slack at the office. Awesome UI, awesome idea.

At my company we've been using the 'old' Flow for a while to create todo lists & tasks for the commercial team, but stopped using it because 70% of our team is technical and they prefer JIRA for full sprint/scrum/agile planning.

Always wanted to ask what type of team (commercial vs. tech in this case) is the 'use case' for Flow? (given that devs ask for a little more than just a short 'todo')
Lance Jonesย โ€” Growth Leader, Flow
@jaapvannes Great question, Jaap. We can't be everything to every type of team. And we certainly have categories of teams that are more attracted to and remain with Flow: creative/design, marketing, sales, IT teams are all a nice fit. We've intentionally left out specific kinds of functionality from Flow, which automatically puts us out of the running for specific kinds of teams -- which is a good thing. Trying to force a poor match between product and people is a path to failure...
Vinodh Davidย โ€” Founder, Pura
Glip (https://glip.com/) already does the same thing? I am not sure whats the difference other than the design. @awilkinson
Craig Jarrowย โ€” Time Management Ninja
As a long time user of Trello (and now Slack), look forward to seeing this in action.

Going to have my team take this for a spin.
Yana Vlatchkovaย โ€” COO & Co-founder of Swipes
@tmninja I just sent you an email on how to do tasks on Slack for teams. :)
Alibek Datbayevย โ€” Software Engineer, eCommerce lover
Waiting for Slack to acquire Flow in next couple years :)
Kristaps Lazdaย โ€” Founder @ specfox.com & joingiftt.com
Hmm. Actually really like the idea of integrating chat with to-do tasks. :) I'm using slack & teamwork.com already, will need to look into how similar workflow can be achieved
Wells Riley โœจย โ€” แ••( แ› )แ•—
looks ๐Ÿ‘ like ๐Ÿ‘ slack ๐Ÿ‘ yo ๐Ÿ‘
Andrew Galeย โ€” Founder https://www.flyerco.com
Love the idea but couldn't use it without all the slack integrations.
UJ Ramdasย โ€” Intelligent Change
@awilkinson - Great to see Flow here! We use Voxer for team messaging for important stuff. Do you guys forsee introducing a Voice functionality in Flow?
Ivanย โ€” Developer of Awesome
I must be one of the few that don't switch task management apps easily (as neat as the app looks), and for that reason it's hard for me to see any challengers succeed without any sort of integration with existing tools.

Personally, Slack/Trello integration is a must. I could live without Slack, but I'm not switching off of Trello anytime soon (couldn't even if I wanted to as I work on many teams that use it).

I predict Slack will add task management and then it will be all over (you can even get simple task management using the slackbot/private channels and snippets). Or even better if they officially open up their app to third parties like Trello just did.
Mahantesh I. Biradarย โ€” Biz Dev, Biotechin.Asia
I was wondering if we can integrate #Flow with todoed.co #Todoed
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