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Jennie Wong — Founder ShoppingQuizzes.com #RetailTech
An appealing interface, but does seem to increase the likelihood of "shallow sharing." Did I just coin that? Because I think sharing something that you haven't really read, just to keep your feed going is totally a thing now.
Andrew Yates — iOS Developer at Buffer
Thanks for the kind words all! We're exciting to keep developing on this idea in the future if it's well received. :) Hopefully we'll introduce suggestion topics soon along with support for the new Feeds feature within Buffer to make keeping your Buffer topped up super easy!
Brian Fanzo — Change Evangelist at iSocialFanz
Huge fan of Buffer Daily, The content delivered each day is not only stuff I haven't found on zite, flipboard or feedly but it has a wide enough range that almost anyone will find value. Swiping left and right for content makes it easy to add content to buffer for sharing. I add it to a buffer account that hasn't been scheduled so that I can read the articles later and customize the posts. Overall its my Number 1 source for new content daily!
Ryan Hoover — Product Hunt
I saw @LeoWid tease this on Twitter a while back. Reminds me of Potluck.
Enric Enrich — iOS & Mac Developer at Doist
I love this new app by Buffer. Can't wait to see what they will offer us in the future! Congratulations @ay8s @joelgascoigne & @LeoWid!
Joe Anderson — Design @Realm
Love this idea if it can be relevant enough, offering a single card at a time. Could be a bit troublesome though if people are defaulting to just sharing without reading
Owen Williams — Special Projects at Crew
Quick fire thoughts on this: cool idea, but curious as to how it works. Does it show the same suggestions to everyone? Or personalised?

My concern if it's everyone is that Twitter will become so stale as people add all the same stuff to their buffers
clement vouillon — @pointninecap
cool idea, really. Sometimes I find it boring to go through my whole rss feed looking at the titles one by one. Adding a cool gesture and a fun experience is really something that make me want to try it.

On a side note, for marketeers out there it would be cool to do a Tindr for content just to try your article titles. You could A/B tests titles based on their success rate (for the same article you rotate different titles).
Erik Torenberg — Product Hunt
what do we think about other tinder-style app developments? https://medium.com/design-ui-and...
Ryan Hoover — Product Hunt
@ErikTberg - it's an interesting trend. I started compiling a list of "Tinder for X" products posted to PH. So far I have tinder for:

- Jobs - Blonk, Emjoyment, Jobr, HackMatch

- Networking - CoffeeMe, Weave

- Elderly - Stitch

- Places - Superb, Hitlist

- News Audio/Podcasts - Swell

- Dogs - BarkBuddy

What else?
Aneela — Entrepreneur
@rrhoover @eriktorenberg we need a "tinder for product hunt" -- where i can swipe right to like products; swipe left to decline...this way older posts can get back into the review process!
Ryan Hoover — Product Hunt
@ak310i haha, someone is actually working on this right now. It's called ProducTinder.
Erik Torenberg — Product Hunt
@ak310i you are two steps ahead of the game!
Jonno Riekwel — Founder of Polyon.co
Making a Tinder like app? Use my template :P http://sketchresources.com/eleme...
Andrew Yates — iOS Developer at Buffer
@ow Right now we give everyone the same suggestions, we're working on some new features to roll out in the coming weeks for different topics and more than 5 suggestions.

We'll then start thinking about adding algorithms to personalise content suggestions in Daily and on our web app. Glad you like the idea!
Andrew Yates — iOS Developer at Buffer
@clemnt That's a neat idea, we're definitely thinking up ways to order future suggestions when we offer more than 5. We may do this based on how many times a post has been swiped right. We'll be adding RSS feed support in an upcoming update. :)
Andrew Yates — iOS Developer at Buffer
@Jonnotie Nice resource there. :)
Andrew Yates — iOS Developer at Buffer
If anyones interested in some insights to how we went about building Daily i've published a post about how we built it in 2 weeks... http://ay8.so/1kMbTVj
Jean Meyer — CEO Once Dating, AG
Nice product. Is your algorithm based on a cluster analysis?
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