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Graham Hunter — Marketing @ Patreon
Brand folder is awesome and signing up for one is free. Has anyone ever had someone use an old logo for your company?
Jon Lax — Product Design Director Facebook
Same problem Brandistry is trying to solve. I am unclear how big a problem this really is
Stefan Koenig — CEO,
Graham the man! Hull is using Brandfolder, keeping our brand assets needly organized. No- brainer.

BTW - the related link "brandiistry" is broken.
Paul Arterburn — Director of Engineering at Unreasonable
Hey Hunters....thanks for taking a look at us! What we are right now is a simple way to organize & share your brand assets (logos, product shots, bios, etc). Most of our customers are making the switch from messy Dropbox folders and our Net Promoter Score is telling us we're doing something right in this area.

What we aim to be, however, is the destination site for anybody needing to easily access this stuff across companies (which is up in it's MVP form at Need a partner logo? Grab it from their Brandfolder.

It's standardizing a daily process that currently has no standard at all. Jon, this is a clear differentiation from Brandisty and some of the other solutions out there.
Brian Parks — VP of Enablement, P2Binvestor
Hey gang - we're really testing if that second message Paul shared (one go to source for official assets) resonates with anyone. A simple yes/no + why would be much appreciated.

I, for one, am a fan of going to one place to find what I need and move on (I have a LinkedIn tab open in my browser at all times or if I don't and Google one of you, that's where I end up). I also prefer to use accurate information.

Even if folks aren't coming to in droves, we're SEO'ing to lead to company-controlled assets (e.g. Google "Brightnest logo"). We have work to do here, so anyone with thoughts on that front please chime in.

Thanks all,
Chris L — UX Designer
@parterburn The current "standard" that I do is to look it up on Google Images and do some Photoshop Wizardry(TM) from there... This is a great idea for helping keep brand assets organized as well as providing easy access to these things.

The challenge is getting enough companies to adopt the service. I'm curious what kind of difficulties you've had to overcome to get more people to place their brand assets in your hands. How has it been so far?
Jon Lax — Product Design Director Facebook
I see the biggest competition being
Brian Parks — VP of Enablement, P2Binvestor
@jlax - have you grabbed logos from Did you Google your way there looking for a logo?
Jon Lax — Product Design Director Facebook are a long standing resource here. Designers will go right to it because they often have EPS files which are harder to dig out of Google Images.
Paul Arterburn — Director of Engineering at Unreasonable
@machinehuman thanks for the support. That's been our standard, too. Not a great solution to find what you need, and almost 100% of the time you're using something NOT provided by the company. It's a win-win if 1) you easily find the logo/headshot/product shot you want and 2) the brand is accurately represented because it's something they provided. This is not the case with LogoTypes, @jlax.

re: adoption: good question. We're tackling it by providing a great service for brands to organize and share their assets. The value prop falls on both sides: they get a service that's dedicated for lightweight brand management, and the brand consumers get a product that makes it much easier to access this information. We've played around with a few scenarios like pulling in assets from the web as a way to pre-populate our DB and make it easier for a brand to claim & get started.
Joe Ringenberg — Product Design, Wistia
Great video!

@parkstweet I think the message "one go to source for official assets" is a great one - I'd love to use Brandfolder as a resource or first place to look. Using Brandfolder internally is less compelling though - it doesn't seem to offer much that a simple assets page can do, and there's a slight weirdness in hosting your brand assets on a different domain. Perhaps framing each individual page as more of an endpoint (ex. and less as part of your product (lightbox modal on your site) would help? Or framing your site as a place to browse all the brands on there (and presenting the option to get your own stuff on there too) rather than setting it up like a saas sales page?
Joe Ringenberg — Product Design, Wistia
Great little detail: saying the video length right on the thumbnail - "Brandfolder in 90 seconds."
Brian Parks — VP of Enablement, P2Binvestor
@jringenberg - firstly, thanks for designing an awesome product. Wistia rocks in many ways!

#2 - thanks for the feedback! A couple of questions:
1) what do you use as your source currently when looking for assets and how often are you on the search?
2) what's the slight weirdness - feel like your official assets should be on your site only? We offer a convenience benefit that's a core benefit for a lot of companies that lack the resources to roll/maintain their own assets page. The marketers can control w/o having to tie up dev/design resources.

Joe Ringenberg — Product Design, Wistia
@parkstweet Thanks!
In a brandfolderless world, for every logo we've needed we've had a contact at the other company who then (if they're anything like us) bugs their designer to send us a file. It's not very efficient, but it's rare enough to not be a huge bother. I get the sense that most companies in this situation would prefer to have an assets page but just haven't felt enough pain to make it happen. I can definitely see where Brandfolder fits in here - to offer something as close to a home-made assets page (i.e. on our domain, our styling, our messaging) with significantly less work (i.e. no design and coding). So the weirdness I mentioned seems like it's part of the inherent value proposition: for a lot less work you get something as close as possible to what you'd build for yourself if you had the time. There will always be some differences between what Brandfolder can offer and what I would build myself, but it seems to me that the goal would be to make that gap appear as small as possible. Seeing my assets page on a different domain or in the context of a different product isn't bad in itself, they're just the most obvious visual cues/reminders of the gap between what you're offering and what your users would choose if they had no constraints. Does that make sense?
Brian Parks — VP of Enablement, P2Binvestor
@jringenberg - yep I'm with ya! Thanks for taking the time to lay that out. You can see what an embedded Brandfolders looks like here (

p.s. a Brandfolderless world is a world of friction. Thanks for the term ;)
Brian Parks — VP of Enablement, P2Binvestor
forgot to add - click on "Download Romo Press Assets" to see our embed...
Joe Ringenberg — Product Design, Wistia
Thanks for the example, @ParksTweet, that looks great!
I really like how your solution to the assets problem also helps with team/bios/company culture, which are just as valuable but even more often overlooked components of a, ahem, Brand. I'd love to read your take on how they're related and important - maybe a blog post? #contentmarketing
Brian Parks — VP of Enablement, P2Binvestor
Great call and thanks for the upvote on our UV. I've got a "Ragpenius goes analog" blog post coming out next week (I interviewed a rapper and figured I'd share the experience), your suggestion is on my calendar. Now, when's that Wistia BF being built??? ;) How can I help?
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