Book college students for local moving help.

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Kevin William DavidCo-Founder, WalletKit
Bellhops contracts college students for local moving help, on-demand.
Serving 130+ cities with over 9000 students. $40/hr per student.
Anyone used them before ?
Andrew ConduracheEntrepreneur
@kwdinc i remember somethig similar yet more hilarous on Shark Tank. Forgot what they were called though..
Toni GemayelPowerforward at FanJam
@kwdinc I have and had a great experience. I think @bellhops has a pretty great model that could be extended outside of moving as well
Rahul Goel
@acondurache Yeah, I think it was called College Hunks Hauling Junk or something ..
Cam DoodyCo-founder, Bellhops
@iorahul @acondurache Yep, they're a franchised, asset-based moving company. Traditional moving model.
Shubham DattaWorking with startups @SurePathCap
This is awesome! Hope you guys expand to Canada soon - I know a lot of students up north itching to help out!
Everette Taylor
This is clever, not only does it allow you to find some help but puts some much needed money into the pockets of college students.
Cam DoodyCo-founder, Bellhops
Thanks for the love @ProductHunt! I'm a co-founder of Bellhops, would love to answer any questions. We're based in Chattanooga, TN (home of the fastest internet in the country - 1 Gig) and are building a team of hustlers. Up to 31 at HQ now. Goal is to provide a better solution for small, local moving with an on-demand system and awesome Bellhops. 50m americans will move this year, and 3/4 are 'do-it-yourselfers'. Not bc they want to do it themselves, but because there isn't a better alternative.
Kevin William DavidCo-Founder, WalletKit
@camdoody Love the idea ! Are you thinking of other verticals than local moving ? Pretty sure you could use the college students for other other on-demand services .Could be huge!
Cam DoodyCo-founder, Bellhops
@kwdinc Definitely, but we're extremely focused on the moving market right now. There is no question that we could utilize our workforce forother things, especially once we launch geo-spatial in our upcoming mobile app. Right now, we're laser focused on this market though.
Dave MorinCo-Founder & CEO, Path
@camdoody Great idea.
Cam DoodyCo-founder, Bellhops
@davemorin “Focusing is about saying no.”
Kristofer™Founder @ Lamplighter Labs
Very cool idea. Although I was assuming payment was going to be more in the ballpark of "cigarettes and beer" vs money, but $40/hour sounds like a steal!
Cam DoodyCo-founder, Bellhops
@KristoferTM Haha, don't think people don't offer that to our Bellhops as tips (happens all the time)!
Ross RojekCTO, GoLocalApps
I worked for the Starving Students moving company in college and was one of the only students employed there. Lots of our clients were disappointed that it wasn't all students,
Cam DoodyCo-founder, Bellhops
@SacBookReviewer That's great to hear. All Bellhops are actually current college students. Bellhops have to have active .edu email addresses, in addition to a number of other screenings. People just really like working with college students. I think they remind you of a simpler time :)
Robleh JamaFounder, Tiny Hearts / Next Keyboard
Looks like an awesome service! Do the students have a truck? If so, what's the pricing for that? Like @Shubham mentioned it would be cool to see you guys expand into Canada.
Cam DoodyCo-founder, Bellhops
@robjama We do provide moving trucks, they just aren't ours (thank goodness). We're a zero-asset company, and procure all our moving trucks through relationships with nationwide truck rental co's. The fee is a flat $135 if you need us to provide a truck. After fuel, insurance, and mileage it's basically a wash, and mostly a convenience to the customers who don't have to pickup/drive/return anything. Offering trucks just gives us more opportunities for billable labor-hours. We're coming to Canada, dont worry :)
Rahul Goel
@camdoody Rentals are CRAZY expensive here though for people under 25 :( Trust me, I know, and I have a couple of years before I can break into the lower rates. Hopefully you can strike a deal with some rental companies.
Cam DoodyCo-founder, Bellhops
@iorahul Definitely. Our corporate accounts give us boosted privileges, and we're able to procure trucks at a standard rate. So we have that part covered. I'm assuming 'here' is SF? If so, pumped to be launching there next year!
Rahul Goel
@camdoody Oh great! But by "here" I meant Canada.
Cam DoodyCo-founder, Bellhops
Ahh, yes. Canada truck prices. Yep, we know about them. Looking into working out deals..

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