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As most of us have realized, building an product is a fraction of the actual work of launching a startup. Just because you build it doesn't mean they will come. With that in mind, we're launching version 2.0 of Tenrocket. Our team has been focused on building software for startups and entreprenuers for the last few years and we're taking it up a notch with Tenrocket 2.0.

Since much of the aid a founding team needs is outside of just building, we've revised our services now include:

*Planning:* We walk our partners through what the problem they are trying to solve and who their end users are. In this process, we create user stories and wireframes for what can be created within their budget.

*Development:* Yep, still $10k for 10 days. We believe that great software begins with a simple solution. We stay for the duration of the project as we work with awesome freelancers and agencies to build your idea.

*Launch:* Even the greatest ideas can fail if not properly launched. We walk through the launch with you to make sure you share your idea effectively and gain traction!

*Hosting:* So your app needs support? We have you covered. Our hosting service helps manage all your accounts to keep your idea running smoothly.

*Maintenance:* Now that you have traction, let’s continue to improve upon the product. We now offer solutions for A/B testing, bug fixes, and software updates.

Most people aren't ready to start building. We help get them to where they are, and beyond.

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