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Hi, we're the team behind Shep, and when we're not looking like dorks in the local community kitchen, we build awesome travel management software

We believe that business travel doesn't have to suck. You should have the freedom to search and book on your favorite sites while your mangers know that their travel policy is being followed and spending tracked.

Shep is a Chrome extension that lets growing companies easily create a travel policy, guide their employees' bookings, get overspending alerts, and track expenses on consumer sites like Travelocity, Orbitz, JetBlue and

Up to this point, managing biz travel has been unnecessarily complex, expensive and restrictive. Things are about to change!


- Set up a travel policy in just minutes

- Guide employees booking behavior on consumer travel sites

- Track real-time spending as it happens

- Get immediate alerts via email so that overspending can be rectified before the trip instead of punished after it.

Biz travel is a company's 2nd largest manageable expense but there aren't many good solutions for SMEs or startups that spend less than $2M. Corporate travel agencies aren't interested in them and corporate booking tools are overkill.

Without a travel policy in place that is followed by the those that do the travel, companies stand to miss out on up to 30% of savings on travel spend. As companies grow, managing how these policies need to change can be overwhelming, creating higher costs over time.

That's where we come in - Book what you want, the way you should!

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