How We Raised $300K By Inventing a New Funding TechniqueWhat to do when your tech-driven project misses the “cuddliness” factor that unites most successful crowdfunding campaigns.
Adam Howell
Martin Nijboer
Joris Dieben
Alexander Goldfarb
Learning to Code and Launch in Less Than One Year
Steph Smith
Steph Smith9 min read
"Upon reflection, the process of finally learning to code taught me one important thing: I was often my own biggest blocker."
What I Learned After Cold Emailing 187 VCs About Warm Introductions
Anthony W. Richardson
Anthony W. Richardson14 min read
"I had to know what it felt like to send a cold email to a VC. Does it just get sent into a void? Was there a way to break through?"
How to Start Up (Accidentally)
Jake Mor
Jake Mor9 min read
"I never planned on 'disrupting' the personal fitness industry — all of this happened by accident"
How my failed startup made me the healthiest version of myself
Tauras Sinkus
Tauras Sinkus8 min read
"When something that’s been a big part of you fails, you can’t help but feel a bit miserable for a while."
How I Built and Sold My Company in 18 Months
Michael Thomas
Michael Thomas13 min read
The process of selling my business taught me more about how to actually build a company than starting it or operating it
How I Helped 1 Million People Learn to Code for Free
keyul4 min read
How trying to learn a new skill turned into launching a new product used by millions
What it really means to be a “mission-driven” company
Leif Abraham
Leif Abraham5 min read
"Simply having a mission statement is not what will make a mission-driven company."