Product Hunt's New CEO: Josh Buckley
By Ryan Hoover
5 min read
Today we’re introducing the new CEO of Product Hunt. But first, the backstory…
Q&A: Lightricks’ Zeev Farbman On Being In the Business of Creativity
Product Hunt5 min read
Lightricks first built an app that allowed anyone to edit selfies (Facetune). When that took off, they put all their resources into building more creativity-first apps.
'The Rule Book Was Thrown Out': How Girls' Night In Built a Product in 7 Days
Taylor Majewski6 min read
"We first talked about the idea as a team last Wednesday, and it launched today. That means we had seven total working days from concept to launch."
How Talkspace’s Co-Founder “Walks the Walk” When It Comes to Mental Health
Product Hunt8 min read
"I share my journey with therapy, starting with when my husband and I got separated and went to couple’s therapy, with anyone — my teammates, customers, reporters or investors."
What It’s Like Managing 10 Million Users As a Solo Developer
Sven van der Zee4 min read
Can building an app over a weekend backfire on you?
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Announcing the 2019 Golden Kitty Award Winners
Ryan Hoover4 min read
The 5th Annual Golden Kitty awards brought a record number of makers together online and offline
How I *Actually* Finished My 19-Month Side Project
Taylor Crane9 min read
"It’s now clear to me why so few side projects see the light of day."
Need a New Year’s Resolution? Monetize Yourself.
Sarah Nöckel5 min read
Money lessons from the founder of Femstreet.