Watch: Why these SaaS companies are betting on connected apps

Published on
August 24th, 2022
Where will data reside in the future of SaaS?
And why are SaaS companies are betting on connected apps?
We teamed up with Snowflake to talk about a new deployment model for delivering SaaS to the customer — connected apps — and understand why startups are bringing their applications to their customers’ data platforms. Moderated by Emily Dillon, Applications Product Marketing at Snowflake, we spoke with three experts who are building applications on top of the data platform.
We discuss:
  • How the customer experience looks different for connected apps, from richer data to more control over data
  • Why connected apps may make it easier for data, security, and marketing teams to get engineering buy-in on new software adoption
  • How preserving customer control over data opens customer acquisition opportunities in new, high-security markets like fintech and healthcare
  • Data ownership: The benefits of letting customers have control over their unique security requirements
  • Have we gone full circle? The speakers share their vision for the future which includes more privacy and less integrations.
Have more questions for the speakers? Reach out to them via social media using the links above.
Published on
August 24th, 2022
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