Is Natural Cycles accurate?

Natural Cycle mention in "Is Natural Cycles accurate?" questionYes, according to clinical studies, Natural Cycles is accurate. On their website, Natural Cycles claims to be 98% effective with perfect use, and 93% effective with imperfect use. If one were to look at the positive reviews of thousands of women who say that Natural Cycles has been an effective form of birth control, then yes, Natural Cycles has been for the most part, accurate and effective. However, it must be noted that Natural Cycles was investigated by the Swedish government after 36 women in Sweden were reported to have become pregnant even though they were monitoring their cycles with the Natural Cycles app. Although a Swedish regulator closed its investigation and did rule that they found "no major issues" with the app compared to other menstrual tracking methods, users should be aware that no method of contraception, including Natural Cycles, is 100% effective.

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Natural Cycle

Natural Cycle

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