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Yaguara is the control center for modern businesses. Yaguara aggregates and aligns data with business objectives and their related projects in order to create true, cross-functional alignment and understanding across an organization. Growth management software for eCommerce companies that uses real-time data and predictive analytics to help teams hit their goals.

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Reports by Yaguara
The way to centralize data and provide context for a story.
Dashboards by Yaguara
The best way to visualize your data and ongoing KPIs/OKRs
Yaguara 2.0
Yaguara, New and Improved
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    Yaguara Reports, a new way to bring your words, your data, and your teams together in Yaguara. Now you can turn any aspect of your business into a sleek, shareable digest for any internal or external team, any time.
  • Launch
    We're thrilled to bring you Yaguara's upgraded connected operations platform, an improved way for your team to work together, leveraging data, to achieve your goals.
  • Launch
    Yaguara’s Metric Builder allows teams to leave the manual work behind and instantly gather the metrics you need from multiple sources. When your team integrates your data, you gain the ability to combine and define important metrics specific to your business.
  • Launch
    In this new version of Yaguara's Groups you'll have a home base for each department, smaller teams within a department, or even sections of the company working on unique initiatives.
  • Launch
    A comprehensive review and ranking of the top eCommerce tools that make teams more data-driven, aligned, and efficient.
  • Launch
    The Growth Machine is a tool by Yaguara that combines your high-level goals and favorite tools to create a customized ‘growth guide’. With this resource our goal is to share the new way of using data to drive results across an entire organization.
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    Nov 1, 2018
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    Yaguara is the growth management platform for companies moving from a reactive to a proactive strategy. Using real-time data that matters most and ML for smart recommendations, Yaguara ties actionable tasks to high-level company goals, allowing for delivery of timely, predictive insights to teams at the individual level.