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    Vegenerator takes the name of three vegetables, and a base, to make a fancy sounding plant-based recipe.
    Don’t like the results? Nudge, hold, or spin again.
    Now launching with 771,400 possible combinations.
    Some of them are actually edible.
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    #5 Product of the day
    Fossil Ghouls ranked 5th Product of the day for Oct 26, 2019 with 76 upvotes and 8 comments
    Oct 26, 2019
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    What’s scarier than a ghost you say? Only a few giant corporations destroying all life on earth. Fossil Ghouls is a series of eight (plastic-free) printable masks I made for Halloween (based on twenty companies behind more than a 1/3 of emissions)
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    Tag a friend in this post on any social network - if we become friends, you both get $20. You can also collect your loyalty card from today at The Glass Room exhibit in San Francisco (, curated by Tactical Tech and presented by Firefox.
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