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Find shared Wi-Fi, get a travel eSIM, connect via secure VPN
WiFi Map enables you to connect to shared Wi-Fi hotspots all over the world as well as to stay online even without Wi-Fi around with our eSIM data plans. Also, you're able to secure your connection using built-in VPN. Travel with us and stay online!

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SnackDrop App
Up to 75% off snacks
Waldo Photos
Safer, healthier photo sharing.
Tarot Tap
Invite friends to interpret tarots readings in AR.
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  • Launch
    ✨ Build your own snack stashes for up to 75% off!
    ✨ Themed stashes dropping every Monday
    ✨ All you have to do is review the snacks after you try them to get access to future drops.
  • Launch
    Are you ready to #deletefacebook but wonder where and how you’ll share photos with your family, friends, and colleagues? If so, Waldo is your answer! Meet the alternative photo-sharing platform that cares about your mental health AND your privacy.
  • Launch
    SPOKE is a social impact venture that aims to improve the mental health of young people by working with world-leading musicians, scientists and technology to innovate the sound and culture of mindfulness.
  • Launch
    We built VOS to help people get better at being themselves. It’s a wellbeing companion to come back to for feel-good tools and personal analytics putting your mental health in context. Powered by expert research and AI.
  • Launch
    Find free guided meditation experiences, meditation for beginners and seasoned practitioners as well. Explore ad-free stress relief music tracks, form a regular practice to sleep better, stress less, relax more, beat depression, and improve relationships.
  • Launch
    BlockerX helps 18-30 year olds cutdown on compulsive watching of porn. It's a mobile app that keeps the user accountable with a buddy system, provides peer support with a community of over 100,000 members and has a strong blocker that cuts access to porn.
  • Launch
    harbor is the free all-in-one safety app that makes emergency preparedness quick, easy, & personalized.
    Users can:
    - assess their home's risk
    - get custom checklists & prepardness plans
    - review expert emergency guides
    - purchase safety supplies in-app
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