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What is Welltory?
Welltory tracks your heartbeat through your smartphone camera and then analyzes it to quantify your stress, energy level, and overall health. It helps you plan your day, boost your stress resilience, and recover properly. Also, there are self-improvement programs, lectures, all your data in one dashboard!

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Welltory 3.0
Welltory is like a health coach at your fingertips. Every day, it uses your data to create reports, charts & insights that show how your body works & how to feel better.
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Welltory 2.0

Personal health tracking is here!

Welltory 2.0 features a self-learning algorithm that adapts to your heartbeat.

With just a smartphone camera it shows:

how much you can expect to get done today,

how well your body copes with pressure and

how to recover so you can feel better tomorrow.

Try it and get in touch with your body!

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